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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Lunch Money Victimization Statistics
I can't give you the precise lunch money victimization statistics for various civilian political appointees at the Pentagon, for staffers in the Office of the Vice-President, Richard Perle or even Frank Gaffney. But I suspect most folks who are familiar with these guys will know what I'm getting at. This isn't about blaming America first. It's about making sure America is as smart as she can be in her own interests, about managing the realities of the unipolar world system in ways that most benefit our long-term interests rather than simply doing what we can force through in the near-term. What we're learning is that there's a price you pay for telling everyone else in the world they can #$%& themselves and trying to govern the globe by sporadic applications of blunt force.

12/29/02:8:47:17 PM PST    
Bush Most Admired American, Poll Finds
A Gallup poll found the nation divided in the contest for "most admired" woman. Among men, President Bush remained the clear favorite for the second year in a row.

Oh please. These people must be on crack. I mean sure he's a traitor to the nation, makes lousy decisions, & is a great bottom but geesh; admired, I don't think so.

12/29/02:4:16:17 PM PST    

Thongs: How to Put Them On
So I have joined the ranks of the be-thonged. Apparently, not being very observant & on an out of town trip, I am quite clueless when buying underwear. I had not intended to buy the famed and defamed thong type underwear. But I did mistakenly buy a four pack of thongs. After having already opened (ripped) the package I realized that I had a most peculiar set of briefs in hand. At first it was very disorienting. When wearing a normal pair of briefs (why is it that underwear is described as coming in a pair?) the proper way to pull them up is from the front. When put on in that fashion everything gets fitted into place quite nicely. However with thongs that is exactly the wrong way to do it. When you put on a thong pulling it up from the front there is no where for the gonads to go but out and to the side. Surely not a comfortable way to wear one's underwear. It took me a couple of days (being too lazy to go buy some replacements) but it turns out that when putting on the thong one should pull the thong up from the back first. When used in this fashion a nice cup is created for the genitals. If only everything were as simple as this.

12/29/02:4:05:00 PM PST    

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