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Sunday, December 22, 2002

I can never prove that my child went breech because of what happened to us at the airport. But I'll always believe it. Wrongly or rightly, I'll forever think of how this man, the personification of this system, has affected the lives of my family and me. When my wife is sliced open, I'll be thinking of him. When they remove her uterus from her abdomen and lay it on her stomach, I'll be thinking of him. When I visit her and my child in the hospital instead of having them with me here in our home, I'll be thinking of him. When I assist her to the bathroom while the incision heals internally, I'll be thinking of him.

There are plenty of stories like this these days. I don't know how many I've read where the writer describes some breach of civil liberties by employees of the state, then wraps it all up with a dire warning about what we as a nation are becoming, and how if we don't put an end to it now, then we're in for heaps of trouble. Well you know what? Nothing's going to stop the inevitable. There's no policy change that's going to save us. There's no election that's going to put a halt to the onslaught of tyranny. It's here already - this country has changed for the worse and will continue to change for the worse. There is now a division between the citizenry and the state. When that state is used as a tool against me, there is no longer any reason why I should owe any allegiance to that state.

And that's the first thing that child of ours is going to learn.

It has come to my attention that this has been referenced at Snopes. Nothing definitive about this except the fine folks at Snopes expressing doubt about the credibility of the story. I wonder has anyone contacted the author?

Well now it gets more interesting. It turns out that Kehaar has contacted the authorities at PDX to question the validity of this story. They confirm that some event took place with Mr. Monahan. Of course there are two sides to every story. No doubt there is still much to be known about this.

The Arizona Republic reports of numerous women who have been groped during pat downs when attempting to go through security checks. Apparently a boy got ill after being forced by airport security to drink some water he was carrying. And a Michigan paper reported in November about students being sexually frisked in airports over the last year.

Then a lawyer, Doug Litowitz, who does civil rights work has attempted to contact Mr. Nicholas Monahan in case he is still seeking redress.

One thing I was extremely concerned about in the article were the comments made about the ACLU, which I read to be a bunch of nonsense and in turn made me doubtful of the whole story. I have found this concerning the policies of the ACLU in taking cases which alleviates my concerns.

Here's some instructions for end-users when getting patted down during security checks at airports.

Nicholas Monahan does not have much of a presence on the web but a play of his was mentioned.

12/22/02:7:33:23 PM PST    

The Gay Mafia Agenda
Chris Morris writes that there is a gay mafia conspiring to keep gays in ghettos so that unscrupulous gay capitalists will have a captive market along with high profits. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm.

Paul Richert, in 1995, wrote that a Jewish Gayish Alliance had taken over hollywood. Of course his perspective is highly suspect since he can't even fact check his article enough to know that David Geffen is named David and not Sandy. Of course this piece was also run by the American Nationalist Union, a fascist organization if there ever was one, so the chances are pretty nil Mr. Richert can give any assistance in describing the actual agenda of the gay mafia. Hhhhhhhmmmm,

Luke Ford has written a great profile of the Michael Ovitz contretemps about his ouster & the gay mafia. Ford's piece is especially helpful in that he has gathered a great number of quotes from players in the gay mafia derived from pieces in publications like Daily Variety, The New York Times, LA Weekly, Vanity Fair, & the Los Angeles Times. But in the end it's hard to know what to really make of this piece. It's rather obvious that Mr. Ford sees gays gathering in closets and under beds to conspire against all the heterosexuals out there in the world. To be honest I blew cheerios out my nose when I realized Mr. Ford's agenda. But alas I am no closer to discovering the actual agenda of the gay mafia.

Phill writes that the gay agenda may have something to do with compulsory dress wearings but he's not sure as noone has come to fill him in on the details.

Fred Martinez seems to be confused about what constitutes freedom of speech. Apparently an over achiever given to hyperbole Mr. Martinez compares Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson to Nazis based on an interaction between them and George Will on some news magazine. Apparently Mr. Martinez slept through his history classes or went to school at Holocaust Revisionism High as he doesn't seem to grasp the difference between Cokie Roberts and Goebbels.

Patrick Mallon loves to be clever by using such fetching terms as "switch hits" when describing an obviously biased San Francisco Chronicle as it covers stories about the Catholic sexual abuse sage currently being played out on the national stage. Of course Mr. Mallon writes for Bush Country, a publication which obviously has a set shelf life built into the masthead of every issue. Unless of course we end up with reanimated Bush head running through country fiat much in the same way Futurama was visited upon by a reanimated Al Gore. If that's the case perhaps we can just go ahead and change the name of the United States to Bush Country and get rid of all this pretense to something besides a monarchy.

Now we're getting somewhere. Jerry Falwell has written a piece laying out key portions of the gay agenda, how the mafia is winning, and exactly what book can be held responsible for this agenda! Yea paydirt!

12/22/02:5:05:52 PM PST    

the Golden Boy of American Illustration.

12/22/02:1:26:42 AM PST    

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