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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Romanian Gymnasts in Fresh Nudity Row
Koji Takizawa,executive director of the Japanese Gymnastics Association, said: "Even if Milosovici has retired from competition, her act is a disgrace to gymnastics."

Koji needs to be stuffed.

So the offended gymnastics "officials" have banned 3 athletes from the sport. What a stupid and trivial turn of events. I was a gymnast for a decade. It is an extremely introspective sport. The concentration needed to maintain form in all parts of your body can be exhausting and tends to dampen the sexual energy in the sport at times. But these athletes are fit and very sexy. The effort to rein in this sexual energy of these young adults is just plain sad. More gymnasts should do adult films and/or show off their well made flesh to the camera's eye. This prissy attitude from "officials" is the obscene part of this equation.

In the early teenage years when the girls begin to develop it quickly becomes apparent which girls will develop the body of a lithe gymnast and which will become more busty. I remember how disheartening it was to these girls who were developing very full hips and breasts because as their bodies changed shape they were being forced out of the sport they love. I overheard numerous conversations along these lines and I'll never forget the sadness that came through. By the time the girls have entered highschool most of the heavier girls gave up against rolling the boulder up the hill anymore and simply quit the sport.

Double Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion Lavinia Milosovici and former team mates Corina Ungureanu and Claudia Presecan stripped for the film.

They performed gymnastic routines naked on apparatus such as the beam, for the film which was broadcast by a private cable network.

So these adult women are preforming routines and tricks on equipment in the nude. These retired gymnasts do such a thing and the sport throws a fit and denies the three the ability to coach or be involved administratively in the sport for five years. Next thing you know the sport will pull a baseball and deny the retired gymnast her gold medals or erase her from the annals of the sport like was done to Pete Rose. I hope that those gay porn flicks (iron cross/oral sex sells well among the literati - you haven't lived till you've seen anal giants ; ) never come to light. It could ignite many more gymnastic sex scandals.

Only bright part of this I can see is that apparently Romania has not been denied the ability to participate in the sport internationally. Yeah team! Or have they?

Bela Karolyi, the famous Romanian coach, has apparently defended the ladies for their actions but that hasn't stopped Perescan from leaving her job over the situation. Bela is correct. If someone has such skill and has made the effort and sacrifices to be a world class athlete the sport can only suffer from denying such a person the opportunity to coach and mentor young gymnasts.

12/21/02:2:31:39 PM PST    

Woman Beheaded After Being Warned to Wear the Burqa
Three young women have been killed, one beheaded, in Indian-controlled Kashmir, days after posters appeared in the state ordering Muslim women to wear burqas.

12/21/02:2:15:17 PM PST    
We are told ad nauseam by the Condom Lobby that people, especially youngsters, cannot possibly control themselves when it comes to their sexual appetites, even in the face of AIDS infection and death. We are also told that condoms are the panacea for this dread disease. The Condom Lobby is loath to speak about sexual abstinence and marital fidelity.

What a bunch of hoooey! I am a professional in the condom lobby and I have never said these things. I know of not one person I deal with either professionally or personally who holds these views. I write & talk about sexual abstinence & marital fidelity almost every day. I am fully aware that anyone and everyone is able to control all their appetites, sexual and otherwise, on a regular basis, Noone ever uses the words panacea, AIDS, and condoms in the same sentence except ignorant boobs like Austin Ruse.

12/21/02:1:48:44 PM PST    

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