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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Technical Difficulties
Singin to the choir here bub! Let it reign!

Seriously though I find it downright spooky how accurate this little flash is. And the soundtrack, wow! Jimi would surely be turning over in his grave to know that his sound so completely matches the fucked up state of Dubya's Amerikkka (thanks Trent!)

12/14/02:6:54:20 PM PST    

Ask Lutz. Biz Did!
Is it appropriate for Lisa Lutz to offer reviews of Biz Stone books through Amazon when she obviously is making it with him?

I mean if she just gave him a hand job or something that might be okay but obviously they are butt buddies and this makes any positive review she might make about his writing to be a bit suspect.

Please advise.

12/14/02:6:40:29 PM PST    

Simply one of the best observations about living in LA ever! Duh.

12/14/02:5:23:52 PM PST    

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