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Friday, December 20, 2002

More On Vegan Condoms
It has come to my attention that it may be a while before Condomi's vegan condoms make it to US shores. You may recall I was quoted in Newsweek some years ago on the subject. (I can't seem to find a link to it right now - I'll dig it up.) In the meantime I am told that Mayer Labs condoms are not produced with any animal products.

I will doing more research on this and will report back later. Be sure you understand though when looking for vegan condoms that there is no regulatory regime in place in the US that produces any kind of certification for vegan condoms so standards have yet to be set. Vegan condoms are like rocket science in that respect, we're talking condoms at the edge baby!

12/20/02:11:16:03 PM PST    

Some Administration Stuff
I am currently very busy on a complete redesign of this site. I am going to merge several of my web properties into one overall CMS with safer sex becoming one channel of the entire site. In the process of doing this I am consolidating several different methods I have used to manage all of this. I expect sometime in the first couple of months of January to do the launch on this. Stay tuned!

12/20/02:11:16:02 PM PST    
Two Things with K
Last night K finally talked me into beginning her programming lessons. She wrote her first hello world! script in perl. She was very excited!

I began learning when I was about 6 so she, being 8, is not far behind my learning curve. But I suspect that she'll prove to be much better than I.

Also last night she looked at the back of the new U2 CD 'The Best of 1990-2000' and said, "Who are these guys?" I said, "They are the members of a rock band called U2." She said, "They look weird. They don't look like a rock band at all."

Go figure. (I suspect there are many who would agree with her on that point.)

12/20/02:10:55:00 AM PST    

Trent Lott As Political Manque
Daniel is correct of course when he says, of Lott, that he lost it [his leadership position in the Senate] two weeks ago, he just wouldn't accept it. This closely follows Andrew's observation that Lott is not unlike a character in Monty Python.

12/20/02:10:20:21 AM PST    
Surely those who choose to be Playboy models are so self selecting that such a study couldn't possibly be used to actually speak to any changes in the female form. But it is an interesting niche to find body figure data among reams of Playboys. I wonder has anyone ever done any studies on Playmate careers, dreams, turn ons, turn offs, etc. It would be nifty to know, for instance, that in 1950 these women dreamed of becoming nurses and nowadays they dream of becoming doctors.

12/20/02:9:32:45 AM PST    
It's true I did nothing but complain about the legal disclaimer and design. Carly. Good thing too as you have made some welcome changes. I can actually read your site now. And with the advent of an RSS feed I just may read it regularly. Go girl!

12/20/02:9:13:12 AM PST    

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