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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Teens, Sex, and the 'Santa Claus Effect'
I don't recall my teenage years being full of plans for coitus over the holidays. But I know we sell a lot of condoms over the holidays. My customers tell me they hope to get lucky when they get back home. I assume they hope to hook up with that old flame still available somewhere in the old home town.

Who knows, that may just yet happen to me!?! lol I mean afterall I am in my old home town this week.

12/26/02:9:24:19 PM PST    

Lindley said that previous studies have shown that bisexuals tend to adopt more risky behaviors than both lesbians and gay men.

12/26/02:2:05:19 PM PST    
The Atheist Christmas Challenge
Have you ever noticed how insecure folks are on the subject of deity? Athiests ask the religious folks to prove God exists. God fearing folk ask athiests to prove God doesn't exist.

Pretty silly if you ask me. You didn't.

12/26/02:1:49:16 PM PST    

by Shelby Steele

12/26/02:1:07:48 PM PST    

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