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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The Emerging Pornographic Majority
Americans love their porn. It's timeless, instant, and recession proof. Pornography is the basis for a multibillion dollar industry that services the sexual desires and needs of thousands. Pornography is the catalyst of technology, from the much-documented triumph of the VHS format over Betamax, to the modern expansion of DVDs and the Internet. RealNetworks and Microsoft count pornographers among their biggest consumers for their streaming video products. Hotel chains and multimillion dollar telecommunications giants like AT&T; derive a significant portion of their income from the delivery of adult films via satellite and high speed lines. The widespread distribution of porn is the triumph of the free market system.

12/17/02:11:16:51 PM PST    
This Is Why I Love Susannah!
to me, sex is the least interesting aspect of all of this. what is interesting is the concept of taking one of the last remaining taboos in a culture that has left almost nothing co-opted, wedding it to an emerging media that is still young enough to not have been entirely ravaged by big industry commericalism, and finding out what is spawned when you remove censorious impulses, economic limitations, and homogenizing influences. so, why blog safely? if you do, you'll just end up one more dead body in meatspace thinking that it's alive. and we don't want that. now, do we?

Now if she could just learn how to justify her text I'm afraid I'd have her child.

12/17/02:8:54:18 PM PST    

Surveys indicate that 30 percent of men single out premature ejaculation as their most common sexual problem, so it's no surprise that climax-control condoms have quickly become the fastest-growing segment of the condom market.

12/17/02:6:25:03 PM PST    
Wouldn't it be wonderful if, twenty years from now, we could look back at law-and-order Dan Burton's conversion as the "Nixon goes to China" turning point of the drug war?

12/17/02:9:47:46 AM PST    

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