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Saturday, December 7, 2002

From the favorite recent porn spam collection
I have 2 items for your perusal this evening. Chronotope has for several years now published occasional glimpes into the brilliance that is porn spam. Todays selection features two naughty bits from Hot Sticky Loads (which I'm not going to link to as these sites never last or allow you to ever find anything again.)

1. Susanna sucks semen out of cocks, like milk through a straw! We've got countless hours of tapes featuring Susie and her friends bathed in spooge.

2. This is Maria. She works in our office ordering stationary and coffee. We've got some hilarious photocopies of her ass from last year's x-mas party! But to top that, you have got to see the poloroids of her gargling about a cup and a half of the cleaning staff's goop out of the bosses mug.

Now although that is downright nauseating to me it is also nearly poetry. Notice the alliteration of the first three "s" sounds in number one above. Fun stuff!

12/7/02:11:04:34 PM PST    

Hi sweety. Can you take down your bloomers?

12/7/02:8:10:57 PM PST    

No More Land No Matter
No More Land Matters More

12/7/02:6:25:11 PM PST    
The Latest Kissinger Outrage - Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?.
    - Christopher Hitchens

When in office, Henry Kissinger organized massive deceptions of Congress and public opinion. The most notorious case concerned the "secret bombing" of Cambodia and Laos and the unleashing of unconstitutional methods by Nixon and Kissinger to repress dissent from this illegal and atrocious policy. But Sen. Frank Church's commission of inquiry into the abuses of U.S. intelligence, which focused on illegal assassinations and the subversion of democratic governments overseas, was given incomplete and misleading information by Kissinger, especially on the matter of Chile. Rep. Otis Pike's parallel inquiry in the House (which brought to light Kissinger's personal role in the not-insignificant matter of the betrayal of the Iraqi Kurds, among other offenses) was thwarted by Kissinger at every turn, and its eventual findings were classified. In other words, the new "commission" will be chaired by a man with a long, proven record of concealing evidence and of lying to Congress, the press, and the public.

I'm feeling you Christopher. But please, you're trying to put an awful lot of stuff into a very awkward and stilting paragraph; your audience requires a surer hand. Often a writer will resort to an arbitrary list of, say, 5 items in a vain attempt to impose cogentability (2-bit word) on a detailed argument. It's such a tiresome tactic. You really hit it later on though:

There is a tendency, some of it paranoid and disreputable, for the citizens of other countries and cultures to regard President Bush's "war on terror" as opportunist and even as contrived. I myself don't take any stock in such propaganda. But can Congress and the media be expected to swallow the appointment of a proven coverup artist, a discredited historian, a busted liar, and a man who is wanted in many jurisdictions for the vilest of offenses? The shame of this, and the open contempt for the families of our victims, ought to be the cause of a storm of protest.

I know I'm all a'storm!

12/7/02:6:25:04 PM PST    
Read Comments. Read Comments being right wing
I can't believe I forget this from last night. Laura and I were being sooo right wing. We sold a lot of people on our tax plans. For instance, there's the rape tax

12/7/02:6:25:04 PM PST    
Metafilter: Link & Think 2002. As they did last year Metafilter has a great selection of topics gathered together on World AIDS Day. Whether it's links to personal sites with rememberances of those who have died or pointing to a very scary future under the AIDS epidemic you will be sure to find some fascinating reading at Metafilter.

12/7/02:6:25:02 PM PST    

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