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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Prostitution should be legal. It is a very simple issue: the actual act, a prostitute and her customer agreeing on an exchange of money for sex, violates no one's rights, and does not directly or demonstrateably necessarily harm anyone else. Thus, it should be legal. However, some people do not seem to have clarity on the issue, and want to bring in lots of personal opinions and hogwash about how prostitution promote drug-use, violence, STDs, etc. In fact, it is anti-prostitution laws which promote all of these things.

12/28/02:10:44:35 PM PST    
Some Guys Have All the Luck
I kissed a girl tonight. It has been a very very long time since I have kissed a girl. It would figure I would be allergic to her dogs and have one eye watering, shutting out the allergen, while my lungs filled with phlegm. It was very nice. At least the kiss was.

12/28/02:10:30:58 PM PST    
Tell Me About It
I often feel more teased than having gotten Really Laid.

12/28/02:10:26:43 PM PST    
I like this piece. One suggestion though: it might be nice if upon releasing the baby to float down if the guy could catch it on the ground. I had the guy right there to catch the child and the woman was walking by. It would have been very sweet if he caught the child and they embraced. Silly I know.

12/28/02:11:55:47 AM PST    
More On Slate's Silly Atheism Straw Man
Mainstream media almost never allows atheist arguments to be heard. That is not true only about overwhelmingly Christian countries like the USA, but also highly secularized countries like Britain or Norway. I assume the reason is that insulting the religious is bad for business. Nobody would be more eager to jump the pen and write irate letters to the editor threatening to cancel subscriptions than irrefutable atheist arguments, so I guess it makes sense.

12/28/02:11:39:10 AM PST    

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