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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Rock-ribbed Republican -- and anti-Bush
"Both Ashcroft and President Bush have departed from their earlier emphasis on protecting privacy and have really become statists, who want to impose the power of the state on us to surveil us and also to prevent any dissent," says the ACLU's Steinhardt. "They're certainly not conservatives when it comes to wielding the powers of the state."

In fact, says Steinhardt, the real conservatives are now ... the ACLU. "We think of ourselves as the most conservative organization in America," he says. "We're dedicated to preserving the values of an 18th century document."
- Michelle Goldberg

12/12/02:10:20:58 PM PST    

I don't normally post email I receive to this website because, well, there is just so damn much of it. But this email coincides perfectly with a project I have been developing so I'm going to go ahead and publish this:

I am Nduka Ozor a UN online partner on assignment for Mgbala Agwa - a Nigerian based non-partisan, non-profit NGO - in search of condoms donations for our HIV awareness programs. The donations will contribute in creating awareness on the most crucial problems of the region which has more than 450,000 residents.

For this purpose, we need kind spirited organisations for donations of condoms and books to stock our newly opened library .

  • HIV/ AIDS and other sexual related infections
  • Poverty Alleviations
  • Environmental Protections
  • Youths Empowerments.
Unfortunately, since the library does not yet have a computer, we are unable to access PDF and other electronic files, so at this stage we are attempting to gather print materials. Hence, I would like to obtain from you information, resources, brochures or books on the previously mentioned endemics. All kinds of donations will be highly appreciated including library equipment such as: computers, reading lamps, fans, pens, photocopier machine, etc..

For further information or enquiries please feel free to contact me or the following contact: ( Coordinator - Ozor Nduka )
Phone: 234 1 4925569
Fax: 234 1 4925569
Best Regards,
Nduka Ozor
On- Line Volunteer
Mgbala Agwa Youth Forum
United Nations Volunteer Program

Library Mailing Address:


Mgbala Agwa Youth Forum
C/0 Mr. Ozor Nduka (Coordinator)
42 Ifekoya Str. Dopemu Agege Lagos

12/12/02:2:25:12 PM PST    
Good Things in Readership Decline & Other Stuff
The great thing about being left out of all Salon Blogs tours of quality (whatever that means) is that readership on this log has gone downhill lately. Such a relief! For a while there I feared I would be expected to post something of quality here. But then again who wants to read my mental masturbation anyway?

Chris Gulker is doing a sort of research project on traffic among Radio managed websites. I wonder if I am a celebrity or is it just because of my sex that I have such a highly trafficked site? lol

12/12/02:2:06:30 PM PST    

A weblog conference, for bloggers, about weblogs, itself a weblog, for learning, exploring, promoting and developing ideas about technology for the humanities.

This is definately something I would be interested in attending. Hopefully such a thing would be held in the San Francisco area because if it is too far away I'm afraid I'd have to pass.

12/12/02:1:41:50 PM PST    

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