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Monday, December 16, 2002

The stupid boys elicited a completely different response. They didn't want someone to listen, they wanted someone to tell them they weren't idiots. The problem was, they were idiots. I couldn't believe anyone would ever have sex with them.

I certainly know about this. I have guys who will call over and over asking what the percentage is of this or this ailment. They ask the same questions over and over obviously not listening. They seek assurance but can't seem to get their heads around the concept of personal responsibility and so they just loop through the crisis.

Of course the ones that are masturbating and breathing heavily into the phone are always fun! ; -P

12/16/02:11:08:04 PM PST    

Trent Lott repeated the lie at his Dec. 13 press conference.

12/16/02:10:30:34 PM PST    
GI Janes flaunt their sports bras as body search arrives in cultural minefield of Afghan frontier
Some etiquette is evolving. Now American female soldiers start gun raids in Afghanistan by bounding out of helicopters and stripping down to their sports bras. Only then do they take village women aside to be searched. It is a quick way to prove their femininity to Afghan elders unaccustomed to seeing women in trousers. I reckon it must leave quite a few of the old boys slack-jawed and goggle-eyed.

12/16/02:7:25:19 PM PST    
Racine: Drop Electronic Music Concert Citations
The ACLU on Friday agreed to represent the Racine Ravers, all 445 of them. Pete Karas has been covering the unfolding events since at least November 23rd.

The ACLU has confirmed that it will be representing everyone that was ticketed. This is a major milestone. The ACLU gets hundreds and thousands of requests each year. Due to time and budget constraints, they can only take on a small fraction of cases each year.

Hopefully that 50k new members the ACLU has gotten since Bush & the boyz began in earnest to turn the country into a police state will help these numbers. If there are thousands of requests for assistance against police misconduct every year then cases like this one, and the recent case of similar nonsense in Houston need to be forcefully met with the full brunt of the law so this type of fascist nonsense goes away. Imagine that going to concert and getting a $100 fine simply for being there. Pish posh!

Instapundit has written several posts about this story.

This is a great pic of the court house where all the ne'er do well ravers gathered to plead not guilty. Especially poignant is the sign for the Racine Symphony. The city will hire special prosecutors (due to the sheer numbers of cases involved) from, no doubt, out of town and money that should have gone to the Symphony will get pissed down the drain. Whoever it is in charge out there in Racine ought to get run out of town on a rail. Next time I have the good fortune to travel to Racine for business or pleasure I think I'll stay as far as possible from Racine.

Talkleft has a pretty good run down on the events of the Rave as well as some good pointers for additional information from groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance.

12/16/02:2:37:35 PM PST    

CD-R & I & I
I am finally joining the ranks of the rip'n'burn crowd. Today I bought a pack of CD-Rs so I can start turning my vast collection of music into gifts for folks. Over a decade ago I used to make cassette tapes for my friends on a regular basis. Well one thing led to another, I haven't used cassette tapes in many years, and so I dropped making cassettes sometime in '91 or so. Now I just need to make labels and it's good to go!

I'm also signing up for the great record "companies 'r crooks" dispersal of a court settlement for overcharging. Apparently what the market will bare is a rather loose concept. While I would no doubt love to have that whole $20 bill I'm pretty much certain it would be better for the money to go to charity.

12/16/02:1:41:27 PM PST    

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