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Thursday, December 19, 2002

The Lott issue revived the charge of Republican racism and thus jeopardized the party's drive for majority status.

I hear this complaint often. Exactly when does this quest for majority status get finished? I would think with control of the Senate, the House, & the Presidency Republicans would feel confident in their majority status.

Apparently these Republicans are an insecure lot. Perhaps that helps to explain Lott's imminent exit stage left. I suspect when they have "convinced" the rest of us to go along so that the party's drive succeeds I'll know longer be worried about what exactly a drive to majority status means or when the Republicans are going to get off their collective "victimhood" ass and grow spines.

Krauthammer's remarks are remarkably observant. Republican's are wanna be fascists with an insecurity complex a mile long. One that won't even allow them to see what a massive influence they hold over large swaths of the globe. Majority status, my ass!

If the Republican party wants to grow a spine it needs to purge itself of the rascists and the homophobes and quit yammering about it.

12/19/02:11:41:14 PM PST    

Money Shot (Popular Title)
Our center of attention alights on the stern Emma Peel-ish girl sitting casually on the beach chair, daring us to derail her mission of style. Note the thin cut of the arms and the long hem of the pants. Amidst the non-chalant nakedness of those around her, her exhibitionistic denial implies complete control.

12/19/02:11:11:18 PM PST    
I see that I'm not the only one to notice the gender issue.

It seems indefensible to me that the INS should be able to run these sting operations as it is. If these folks, including both Jews & Arabs, were in some kind of process where the government knew where they were and their residency status was in process then it's just mean spirited to turn around and arrest people under such circumstances.

I have no doubt it is legal. But it's not right. It's not fair.

But aside from all of that why is it that only men were called into the INS offices?

Jeanne Butterfield, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, gives me pause. I wonder if these INS moves are to clear backlog in the immigration service? Reynold's writes that this may be yet another small sign of coming war, and a preemption effort aimed at catching terrorist sleepers.

12/19/02:10:40:29 PM PST    

Jungle Fever Grips Downtown
One time, when I was in mandatory re-hab, I met this girl that I sort of hit it off with. I mean, she had an old man that would do shit to her like fuck her sister and steal the money for her cancer medications and spend it at that titty bar with all the reclining chairs and over at Casino Niagara. She hated the motherfucker and everyone in meetings would always say shit like "I know we don't 'sposed to judging and shit up in here, but damn bitch why you let him slap you around and steal yo shit all doze years? I'd be left that sorry motherfucker at the curb."

12/19/02:10:04:29 PM PST    
Goebbels with tits. The phenomenon we all should have seen coming; the merger of bimbo sex appeal and neo-fascist vituperation. In an age when every Hollywood hero is a CIA administrator and people express their rebelliousness by playing the stock market, it only makes sense that we'd have a sex symbol who lobbies to massacre foreigners and forcibly convert the survivors to Christianity.

12/19/02:9:58:08 PM PST    
Trent Lott on BET
"He took me for his housemaid," she said to herself as she ran. "How surprised he'll be when he finds out who I am! But I'd better take him his fan and gloves--that is, if I can find them."

12/19/02:9:20:26 PM PST    
Ed Cone On Trent Lott, et al.
blacks vote Democratic because the GOP keeps chasing them away, not because the current black Dem "leaders" are so compelling.

Not being black I would be loathe to make such a statement. But it sounds like it has the ring of truth. I know, being a sexual minority, that I do not feel at all comfortable in the Republican party.

12/19/02:8:09:22 PM PST    

Neurotic Oasis
We have ordered Italian food from a restaurant called Bing. It used to be called Bada-Bing, but they have changed their name. I guess the owners did not want visions of mobsters dancing in customers' heads. But it sucks, really, that they had to change their name. I mean, it's like being named Frodo Baggins in 1940 and then, years later, being forced to change your name because people giggle when they swipe your credit card through the reader or see your name tag at conferences.

12/19/02:8:05:05 PM PST    
Clinton On Lott & the Republicans
Clinton: I think that's up to them. But I think that they can't say it with a straight face. How can they jump all over him when they're out there repressing and trying to run black voters away from polls and to run on the Confederate flag in Georgia and South Carolina. Look at their whole record. The others, how can they attack him? He just embarrassed them by saying in Washington what they do on the back roads every day.

Well yea it's true that the Republican party has for many a decade now relied upon racial animosity to make power. But then again so have the Democrats. I agree with the gist if what Clinton is saying here but to be sure he is being quite hyperbolic about the whole thing. I know of many republicans over the years who were/are not rascist at all. Considering the recent events with Lott it is pretty obvious that both Sullivan and Reynolds have approached this whole thing from an honest position of wanting the Republicans to tackle the parties rascist past by purging Lott. I'd suggest it would take a lot more than simply purging Lott to do this but it's a start, and most importantly it is an honest start. I don't believe such honesty can be had from either Clinton or Bush. But all of that being said Clinton is correct that they have much to answer for. I'd suggest the next campaign cycle will be very interesting. I'm waiting to see who the Republican will be who reverts to form and attempts to use race as a boogie against their opponent.

12/19/02:5:22:18 PM PST    

What Part of No Do You Not Understand
I have been listening quite a bit lately to the new Frou Frou and the new Wallflowers album.

12/19/02:2:41:36 PM PST    
Democrats Blast New Condom Advisory
On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site, the condom fact sheet had said that refraining from sex was the best way to prevent transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. The old version went on to say: ''But for those who have sexual intercourse, latex condoms are highly effective when used consistently and correctly.''

The recently posted version focuses on HIV along with other sexually transmitted diseases. In its introduction, the fact sheet now says that condoms ''can reduce the risk of STD transmission. However, no protective method is 100 percent effective, and condom use cannot guarantee absolute protection against any STD.''

Now I agree that it was extremely ill-advised to pull the former advisory down without having a new one to put in its place. And I definately see that politics are taking the place of science in setting agendas. But to be sure it is true that there is no prophylactic method which provides 100 percent effectiveness against any STD except for abstinance. I agree with some of the fuss but to be sure this sounds like members of the Democratic party are making such a critique to make hay. And it is not becoming.

12/19/02:11:30:38 AM PST    

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