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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I've decided to take my own small action against this whole Information Security Agency bullshit. I don't like it, I smell the whiff of fascism (or is that brimstone?) and so I plan to non-violently protest it in the following manner: Every day, I will endeavor to say, email, or otherwise express over an electronic media something at least suspicious, if not actually subversive. I believe this is my duty as an American, a follower of Thomas Paine, a lover of liberty. (And, I admit, a giant iconoclastic pain in the ass.) I encourage anyone else out there to participate. It doesn't matter how you do it...even if you are in no way in danger of being traceable or having your email read, do it just to be part of the spirit. As an example: The plutonium will be delivered to the warehouse tonight. Obviously, I am not involved in any exchange of plutonium. I would be dead if I even had any...but now they'll have to pay attention to my idiotic little website.

12/10/02:8:38:13 PM PST    

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