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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Yes it's true, this here site was ignored in The Nude Bloggies. But that's okay. We're not miffed. But we are currently sitting at our desk being nude in protest. You can see me posing right here pouring out my vinaigrette. Well, maybe next year.

In the meantime I want to bring your attention to the wonderful photography of our in house maestro Gottfried Straub who several years ago gave The Safer Sex Page permission to use his wonderful nudes as the in-house images for all things related to safer sexual health. The three images: showing a couple expecting a child and then two images of the individuals are, around here, the epitomy of what it means to be nude on the net.

So until next year go vote for the Nude Bloggie of your choice. We already voted: Susannah, and GnomeGirl. Too bad Jim wasn't nominated either. I sure would have voted for him!

2/13/03:2:29:09 PM PST    

The DEA can't seem to show any progress in the "war on drugs". Nimrods!

2/13/03:2:13:31 PM PST    
A Danse Macabre - yep this is exactly how I have been parsing the situation since the pseudo-potus took office. Read it!

It doesn't matter. And that's the point. The Constitution, international law, public opinion, and reason itself, no longer matter. Contradictions and proven lies are reported unobtrusively in our newspapers as though they are somehow ancillary to the major story; on TV they are rarely mentioned at all. The White House stonewalls every serious question; instead of headlines shouting WHITE HOUSE STONEWALLS AGAIN, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's evasions are perfunctorily quoted -- and that's that. Bush made this incredible statement to Bob Woodward: "I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the president ... [I] don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." His assertion goes unchallenged.

2/13/03:1:31:26 PM PST    

What he describes is exactly what has happened in my family. I too was raised as a Republican. At this point in history my entire extended family has left the party because of the tilt David Neiwer describes so well. IMHO the entire party has been destroyed.

It is inconceivable to me personally how anyone with any innate common sense could possibly be a member of the party. As it stands noone in my extended family, except for a couple that I am aware of, can stand the Democrats and we have all been purged from the Republican party so there doesn't seem to be a party which reflects in any way our concerns.

I know that I personally now vote exclusively against the Republican Party, and especially the born-again Christian wing, at every single opportunity. Very sad that it has come to this.

2/13/03:12:46:40 PM PST    

The reason why I think it's important for liberals not to take the libertarian line on this issue is that libertarian-style arguments tend to obscure the extent to which real progress on something like gay rights is going to require something other than gay rights legislation, namely action in the social sphere designed to convince people of the substantive view that homosexuality is not wrong. It's the kind of issue where changing the popular culture to give more positive portrayals of gay people (something that has, I think, happened over the past fifteen years) will probably accomplish more than legislative action aimed at ending discrimination. That's not to say that I wouldn't support anti-discrimination legislation, but merely to point out that such legislation would neither really solve the problem (which is dislike of gays) and that gaining support for legislative action will require a pre-existing majority of pro-gay voters that's going to have to be created on the society side of the state-society divide.

2/13/03:11:56:23 AM PST    
You New Yorkers need to take advantage of my offer to get you into the Gala Opening ShinDig at the Chateau Lounge for the movie "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not" on Valentine evening. I'll be giving the lucky winner access tommorrow morning sometime so get your note to me quick if you want to go.

I will also be unveiling later today another quick give away of some CDs which will be released on Friday. I have two copies and will mail them to you. Stay tuned for more info.

2/13/03:10:08:54 AM PST    

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