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Sunday, January 26, 2003

My State of the Union Delusion
"My friends, we have everything we need to win this war -- we just have to summon the strength, the spirit and the drive that have defined the turning points of this great nation."

1/26/03:10:46:33 PM PST    
I recently made note of a Lakoff piece about Republicans & Democrats. I keep crossing paths with this man's words. I read Metaphors We Live By in college. It had a very substantial impact on me and my work in artificial intelligence.

1/26/03:9:59:46 PM PST    
reminds me quite a bit of Consolidated.

1/26/03:9:52:41 PM PST    
Bush Must Be Stopped.
He will destroy this nation before he is done.

1/26/03:9:38:17 PM PST    
fragment circa '97
wonder you little lie concrete wonder you slick slack little lie concrete wonder you

1/26/03:8:12:31 PM PST    
Doc Searls On Hannah Arendt
I have been thinking along the same lines for weeks now. My impression is that many of the neo-cons and those thumping the table for war haven't really read or understood Arendt's points. My fear is that this drive to war is putting the United States fully on the path to its own authoritarian state. Sadly I'm pretty convinced Bush nor any of his advisors have read her work either. I spent years of my life studying the rise of fascism and its twin communism and it just feels too close to the bone when I read some of these demands from our psedu-potus and his apparatus. Adn don't let me get started on the freepers.

I wrote a piece, featured in 1's & 0's back before we could publish online, on this work Arendt did and how it related to the events of the first gulf war. I must find this piece it seems as though it would be even more interesting because of current events.

1/26/03:5:19:16 PM PST    

is the best music video ever! Get your dancing shoes on. Follow me!

1/26/03:12:13:53 AM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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