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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

someone presses the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google and ends up on this page. I know I feel lucky. But I never seem to get lucky, go figure.

1/21/03:11:25:12 PM PST    
Cold Shoulder for Nude Protest
The group Freedom International had invited people to join them for a nude picnic in Treasury Gardens as part of their protest against the state's nudity laws, which mostly deem public nakedness to be offensive behavior.

Yet only organiser Tony Pitman and Andrew Sinclair rose to the challenge. They were later joined by a man called Al, clad in underwear, and a Rottweiler called Ziggy.

1/21/03:11:25:11 PM PST    

14 million orphans.

1/21/03:11:25:10 PM PST    
Chilean Porn Politician Promises to Flash Breasts.
Chilean Porn Politician Promises to Flash Breasts. I want to be a porn politician.

This reminds me of the story of Lysistrata by way of women who refuse their men sex in order to stop a war. Of course, if this young politician has very nice breasts there may very well be a deluge of fighting in the Chilean capital along politicians of all stripes.

The plot is about as simple as it gets: Athenian women, fed up with the Peloponnesian War, barricade themselves in the Acropolis and go on a sex strike to force their husbands to vote for peace with Sparta.

Interestingly Aristophane's Congresswomen has the wives of congressmen take over the assembly to save Athens from corrupt politicians. I guess even then, 2,414 years ago, the politicians were as corrupt as today.

Wives of the Loo and Jekani tribes in Sudan have formed a similar pact. They number in the thousands, according to Pravda. Peter Jones writes, in reference to the professor who has organized these Sudanese women, Good luck to Mrs Ahmed, but to end the civil war in Sudan will require more than a comic sex-strike (which can hardly work anyway if the men are away all the time fighting a war). On the other hand, if she could gain control of Sudan's finances...

Surely he is correct. The folks involved in this war she's trying to stop are led by a man named Joseph Koney of the Lord's Resistance Army who is said to abduct children to be used as sex slaves. So if the men at war can not be swayed by the lack of sex from their wives they can apparently have sex with their children courtesy of Mr. Koney. I would hope that Mrs. Ahmed understands her effort is just one of many which must be deployed to bring men like Joseph to heel.

The Lystrata Project is a worldwide reading of Aristophane's play. The event, to be held on March 3rd, 2003, is intended as a show of disagreement with a preemptive war, or so I understand. I would hope that such an event would involve nudity. Nudity is always nice with protest.

Did I mention I want to be a porn politician?

1/21/03:11:25:09 PM PST    

Tom Coates. This may sound really dumb and it might be one of those moments when everyone turns around to look at the weird bloke with the dodgy ideas, but I reckon a good proportion of 'premature ejaculation' is actually just men being quite happy about how long it takes them to sort themselves out being made to feel guilty by unsatisfied women... Almost never hear a man say "god what a bad orgasm"... [OriginalPost 12/17/2002]

Tom, my experience shows that there are a lot of men who consider premature ejaculation a problem. This is a concern I never hear from women. Interestingly enough women are usually more concerned with condoms being too small.

Yes all orgasms are good but some are better than others. My experience has shown that men who learn some degree of control tend to express a better appreciation of them. And consequently many men buy these new types of condoms.

Smith. I am with a guy he wants sex but i am frightened that i am going to fall pregenent with him i am not on the pill and have nerver had sex. He has planed a romantic holiday away for us in Feb dose it matter when i go on the pill or is a condom safe for us to use [OriginalPost 07/04/2002]

Everything you say here is concerned with what he wants. What do you want?

If you were to ask my advice, which I know you haven't, I would not sleep with the guy. If you are frightened of the situation then you are not ready to lose your virginity. Should you choose to lose your virginity in a situation without fear you will no doubt have a much better experience than one which brings up fear in you.

You must be on the pill for at least 3 months before it starts to give you full prophylactic protection. And the pill will do nothing whatsoever about sexually transmitted infections.

Unless you are marrying this fellow you shouldn't have sex with him unless you are both tested for STDs and have been fully educated in the risks you are taking.

If you are considering becoming sexually active you should definately approach your ob/gyn for a check up and access to professional advice.

Don't wait until it is too late. Do it now and don't let your boyfriend pressure you into making decisions before it is time. If he loves you he will want you to feel comfortable about all the decisions you make between the two of you.

Hope this helps.  

1/21/03:11:25:06 PM PST    

Abortion: It's a Woman's Decision to Bear.
I've been thinking a lot about this myself. The use of both pro-choice & pro-life is very disingenuous. The choices inherent in abortion begin in the bedroom long before talk of abortion. Maxine does a good job of refocusing the issue away from the trash words and empty phrases. Bravo!

1/21/03:11:25:04 PM PST    
Sexuality is the root of procreation, the family and the rearing of children, and thus of the continued existence and well-being of society.

No it's not.

1/21/03:11:25:04 PM PST    

The strong economy, with its promise of improved career opportunities for young people, and welfare reform, with its constraints on the receipt of public assistance, may affect these behaviors, since greater educational and employment opportunity are linked to lower teenage pregnancy rates and birthrates.

So are you saying that the converse is true? When the economy gets bad and subsistance gets more difficult teenage pregnancy rates and birthrates go up.

1/21/03:11:25:03 PM PST    

This morning I found one of our employees left an image of a man covered with soap suds and a huge erection on my desk. They know I'm looking for something like that! (explanation to follow soon.)

1/21/03:11:25:02 PM PST    
In the Court's eagerness to get rid of the first amendment claims in this case, it has created truly bad law that will cause problems for freedom of expression for many years to come. This is simply a disastrous opinion for free speech, and the Court should be ashamed of the shoddy job it's done in this case.

1/21/03:11:25:02 PM PST    
Or, Why Conservatives Have Left Liberals In the Dust
Some may find this of value. G. Lakoff breaks down the metaphors and language of conservatives and liberals. And in the process makes note of some metaphors which apply towards gay and bisexual men as they relate to society and the family.

I found this to be fascinating and engrossing. I hope others find it as well.

1/21/03:11:03:01 PM PST    

Projection Keyboards
This narrow list of uses doesn't even begin to cover it. I want one of these as my keyboard on my desktop.

I want to use a trackball of light. And I want the colors to be a nice soft blue instead of this bright red stuff. Very exciting as it could very well be a tremendous boon to ergonomics.

1/21/03:10:35:09 PM PST    

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