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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

The New Cover

1/22/03:11:59:23 PM PST    
Wonder Why the Edit?
Bush Administration selects Jerry Thacker to serve on Presidential Advisory Commision on HIV and AIDS, a man who has characterized AIDS as the "gay plague".

His current web site has 'plague'. But in this cached version you can see the "gay plague."

1/22/03:11:49:03 PM PST    

Men's Gymnastics or Men's Diving: Gymnastics (Nebraska to be specific)

1/22/03:11:36:25 PM PST    
George Bush Is Such A Fucking Cocky Guy
He's just bristling and arrogant in his "command" of the crisis, isn't he? His father must be so proud.

1/22/03:11:06:49 PM PST    
Someone Should Be Tried
for war crimes, wonder who?

1/22/03:11:03:40 PM PST    
Zoals u allemaal weet: SaferSex is een must

1/22/03:9:57:40 PM PST    
Dr. John Lott, Jr.
has both a love for guns & a very large cock. Go figure! (and I've heard some say big guns are compensatory - silly rabbit!)

1/22/03:7:35:07 PM PST    
SexBlogs @ the Bloggies
Prediction: next year, 2004, there will be a sexblog category in the Bloggies. Who would win this year?

If you asked me, and you didn't, I would have to say it would either be daze or cowgirl.

1/22/03:2:33:05 PM PST    

Closing the Gap!
Okay, I'm back into my normal routine now that I have my laptop back. Much to do, much to do. Lots of stuff happened while I was away.

  1. It looks like I may be interviewed by Ladies Home Journal. That should be interesting.
  2. I was asked to contribute some information to a roundup of birth control options by iParentingmedia but unfortunately I didn't get back online soon enough to participate. Too bad. (Where did they get that name anyway?)
  3. My fellow traveller Bennett Haselton has gotten involved with the VOA in attempting to build ways to stop Chinese censorship of the internet. It sounds like a fascinating project. (More on this later.)
  4. I have become quite enamored of Avril Lavigne. It turns out she is quite talented. K asked for it and it turns out I am quite glad she did. Look for the song 'Mobile.' Very nice!
  5. Once again I have the opportunity to do something with the fine folks at the Dr. Susan Block Show. And once again I'm probably not going to be able to make it. They film the show so late at night. What I need is breakfast with Susan!
  6. My buddy Trevor sent me a link to his just finished project called He showed me it in demo mode so I can see some pics of his wife and, not so new now, son. Very sweet pics and good job on the site!
  7. Corinna has suggested that we work together in some fashion. We might be able to do something fun between safersex & scarleteen. This is pretty interesting and potentially exciting as I have been aware of her and she of me for many years and yet we have never crossed paths, till now!

More in a bit...

1/22/03:9:18:18 AM PST    

How to Have a Date
Ask yourself, "What do I bring to the party" and make the answer "Everything." There is no such thing as a Boring Date. There's you spinnning gold out of nothing and there are a million better-looking, buff, stacked Rocket Scientists standing behind you. What's it gonna be, Popeye? What have you got to lose?

1/22/03:12:40:24 AM PST    
RIP ripper...
This is him in the act of committing suicide while chatting on irc and on webcam. This is everyone after he stopped chatting on irc, the webcam dies later.

1/22/03:12:17:32 AM PST    

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