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Monday, January 6, 2003

Ever since George Washington warned his countrymen against foreign entanglements, empire abroad has been seen as the republic's permanent temptation and its potential nemesis. Yet what word but ''empire'' describes the awesome thing that America is becoming? It is the only nation that polices the world through five global military commands; maintains more than a million men and women at arms on four continents; deploys carrier battle groups on watch in every ocean; guarantees the survival of countries from Israel to South Korea; drives the wheels of global trade and commerce; and fills the hearts and minds of an entire planet with its dreams and desires.

A historian once remarked that Britain acquired its empire in ''a fit of absence of mind.'' If Americans have an empire, they have acquired it in a state of deep denial. But Sept. 11 was an awakening, a moment of reckoning with the extent of American power and the avenging hatreds it arouses. Americans may not have thought of the World Trade Center or the Pentagon as the symbolic headquarters of a world empire, but the men with the box cutters certainly did, and so do numberless millions who cheered their terrifying exercise in the propaganda of the deed.

1/6/03:11:13:26 PM PST    

I suppose it all depends on what the definition of the word "negotiate" is.

1/6/03:10:14:39 PM PST    
Fascinating Stuff This
Lying in Ponds is an attempt to encourage vigorous, independent commentary in the American punditocracy by quantifying and analyzing partisanship. Lying in Ponds tries to draw a fundamental distinction between ordinary party preference and excessive partisanship. The presence of an excessive partisan bias transforms journalism into advertising, too distorted and unreliable to be useful in any serious political debate.

1/6/03:10:06:47 PM PST    
Latest News - Republic of Botswana
Health officials have dismissed claims by some men that they are not using condoms because they are too small.

They said there was no short condom as condoms were designed to fit all sizes.

More uneducated nonsense. Of course condoms come in different sizes. Yet another example of educators who know just as little about condoms as those who decry them. Very sad!

1/6/03:7:55:28 PM PST    

Drug War Inanity
Hence the reason why the drug war will fall in my lifetime. I used to think it would fall in my child's time but I am becoming increasingly confident it will fall within my lifetime.

Call, write, badger your representative - this whole thing must stop!

1/6/03:7:49:26 PM PST    

Beverly Hills Hair Salon
This is just great. Filchyboy is listed as a hair salon in Beverly Hills. Sssssshhh don't tell!

1/6/03:7:42:06 PM PST    
The Hooded Are Not Evil, Just Hot

Lil Kim

Yesterday as we walked along in the heat a "woman" got out of an expensive Mercedes and glided along the sidewalk towards us to Fred Segal on the corner. The kids were quick to point there fingers at the figure in hijab who flowed by us. Neither of the girls could understand why someone would dress like that, "Isn't she hot?" first one then both of the girls asked. In the Mercedes her children lolled about in their car seats and the bearded husband spilled ketchup on his shirt from his burger as he read the paper.

Contrary to the woman at Fred Segal's, whose only visible skin was around her eyes, Lil Kim has it all figured out in the picture above from One World Magazine. She is cool and collected. Better to fight off that dry & suffocating feeling you get when wearing a full burka. But apparently some take issue with Lil Kim looking so cool and carefree in that updated burka for the modern woman. I wonder will there be a religious proclamation and boneheads all over the world will take off with their explosive laden shoes ready to take out Lil Kim so Allah will welcome them into heaven? Only time will tell.

1/6/03:3:11:56 PM PST    

Meg, Matthew, & Inspector Gadget
I saw Matthew Broderick & Jack Lemon one night several years under the Marquee at the Mayfair filming a movie. I have often thought I should create a small log of celeb sightings as some form of lame amusement for myself. Perhaps if other did such a thing we could create a global network of celeb trackers. These celebs wouldn't be able to do a thing without some intrepid blogger tracking their movements.


1/6/03:1:39:14 PM PST    

Favorite Recent Feedback
i won't to use the condom.because it makes me dirty

1/6/03:1:09:11 PM PST    
Amity Pierce Buxton, a woman I am proud to count as a friend and mentor, has been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle. Very nice!

1/6/03:11:10:11 AM PST    
Well what do you know, Bruce Bartlett, Doc Searls, and little ole me in a threesome. Who'd have thunk it?

1/6/03:10:34:35 AM PST    

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