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Thursday, January 2, 2003

Speaking as a former soldier,
John Petrik, is my artificial girlfriend.

1/2/03:11:11:01 PM PST    
Poet Laureate Admits Bisexual Past
The Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, who has left his wife after a 17 year marriage has admitted a bisexual past.

1/2/03:11:04:51 PM PST    
Op-Ed by William R. Brody: Published in Wall Street Journal
Genetic testing is health insurance's iceberg.

I've said this for several years. Modern medicine, insurance, & our western liberal society are at a logical schism that will, in time, bring down the whole industry. The only way out that I see is something along the lines of what Mr. Brody discusses. Very, very cogent piece of writing there.

1/2/03:10:56:31 PM PST    

True Porn Clerk Stories
My point is that men are not evolutionarily hard-wired to have many mates and women are not biologically "meant" to have just one. There are (or at least were) advantages to both in being faithful, and advantages and dangers to both in screwing around.

The men-get-to-sleep-around-and-women-stay-home thing isn't in the evolutionary makeup, it's just deeply embedded in the culture (and, mostly, in patrilineal cultures where it's key to know who the child's father is).

I think that saying that women are good girls and men are dogs is a cop-out for both genders. It gives men an excuse to do a lot of unexamined sleeping around and women a way to pretend that they never have stray thoughts about sleeping with the entire tuckpointing crew that's working across the street. It's easier for men to just go on cruise control and not make the effort of being faithful (and vulnerable) to one person. It's easier for women to just coast along being Nice Girls and not dealing with the fact that temptations are very much there and look like a hell of a lot of fun.

Watching several men rent hardcore video after hardcore video over the past year has solidified this position for me. The ones who rent four or five or six a day, the ones who call on New Porn Day and want to reserve the new ones and paw through the boxes and then can't wait for the next New Porn Day seem to be looking for something that mere variety can't give them. Maybe it's trite, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if slowing down and taking the time, risk and effort of dealing with one other human being for a bit could show them a glimpse of that thing.

On the other hand, when women wrinkle their nose at tales of my workday, I sometimes wonder if pawing through the boxes until they found an image they liked might be just the thing they were looking for as well.

1/2/03:10:24:53 PM PST    

Homosexuality, Rangel, & the Military
While I admire the poetic notions behind Rangel's suggestion about reinstating the draft I think it's a daft idea. As appealing as the "citizen" army is I think the professionalism of the current force is what is needed. I see no reason to change the military's structure, especially not to make a cogent but silly political point.

This is exactly why I so strongly disagree with the anti-gay regime in place. In a professional rule driven structure such as the military of today a "don't ask don't tell" regime change would be implemented as a matter of course. The small minority unable to follow the rules of employment would soon find themselves selected out of advancement programs and others better able to fllow the rules will seek those positions. The military wouldn't suffer at all. And it would be better off because it would have "all" hands on deck, as it were, because the pool of competitors for military jobs would include the absolute best of the volunteers instead of the best of the volunteers minus the faggots.

The position that "morale" is an issue related to homosexuality in the military is simply nonsense and derives from decision makers operating with the mind set of a draft military in which working situations are geared towards the low common denominator. Reinstating the draft would put the eventual sexuality neutral military off even further into the future.

1/2/03:9:57:50 PM PST    

On Friday night we saw The Two Towers, and when Legolas swung himself backwards onto that moving horse, I think I got pregnant.

Who wouldn't?

1/2/03:9:15:44 PM PST    

1/2/03:8:54:15 PM PST    
On the door leading to the main square, Kashua's family had taped a black-on-white poster made to look like a death notice.

"As God, and you all, are our witnesses, we hereby cut off all ties (with Amal Kashua) for all eternity," it read.

Kashua's brother endorsed the attack on the couple. "If I could, I would eat them both raw and spit them out," he told Israeli television, his face obscured and first name withheld.

1/2/03:8:40:28 PM PST    

Look! It's porn superstars Kylie Ireland, Julie Meadows, Nikita Denise, Jenna Jameson and Midori! What a surprise!

1/2/03:8:28:09 PM PST    
But I haven't quit smoking. I've quit smoking indoors.

1/2/03:8:21:42 PM PST    
Judge Rules Against Homeland Security Office in Privacy Suit
The Office of Homeland Security lost the first round in a legal fight to keep its activities secret as a federal judge ruled it will have to answer questions about its power over other federal agencies.

1/2/03:6:44:11 PM PST    

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