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Saturday, January 4, 2003

The Curse of the Gay Man
NO sex until marriage. NO marriage. NO sex.

1/4/03:9:56:44 PM PST    
Under the secularism of the Baath Party ruling Iraq, all religions are tolerated
so that the Taliban can't take over. In America we had the law to stop the Taliban from taking over.

1/4/03:8:36:23 PM PST    
That is not quite right, a sect elder spelled out later. Indeed Yazidis suffered persecution, he said, such that one ruthless potentate who controlled the nearby splendid city of Mosul in the 13th century ordered an early Yazidi saint executed. The enthusiastic crowd then pelted the corpse with heads of lettuce. There have been sanctions against salad ever since, the elder intoned.

1/4/03:8:27:06 PM PST    
Ben Trott: Simple and Powerful Text Formatting. We envision Text Formatting options as complete, encapsulated formatters, handling both the formatting of structured text and any desired typographical details (smart quotes, etc), analogous to the way in which Textile handles quote education and its own miniature formatting language.

This completely describes a wet dream to me. As long as I've been writing in this space I have been constantly frustrated, and fascinated, with all the difficulties of simply writing on the web. The tools just keep getting better and better.

1/4/03:7:50:15 PM PST    

Gotten Myself Entwined
I have in the last couple of weeks I have turned my attention to various writers also exposed as customers of Salon.

First off was Hugh, who it turns out is local to me. When Rupaul is not writing Hugh's pieces are a good diversion. I like the catty edge and the quick wit. It appeals in some fashion. It turns out Hugh is an existing freelancer. We're going to have lunch sometime. I'm going to keep reading and see how it develops, this Standing Room Only.

Although I get paid for this I don't consider myself a freelancer. I can't imagine how to live that kind of life. I know Mike wants that life. I think his site will be deprecated as a result. I hope he keeps it up. I can really vibe with Mike. I want to say the same about my daughter, but I am very torn by writing such a thing. I think that is for K to say.

At some Abbeyfest perhaps we'll meet.

1/4/03:7:18:11 PM PST    

Ozzy Osbourne
I'm sick to death of living in a fucking dump!

1/4/03:6:46:13 PM PST    
Well Yea, But That Would Require a Clue
"Hey, don't you think they should have noticed that press release urging people to have sex with barnyard animals by now?"

'Stealing Entertainment' it says on the intended RIAA site with a link to a page that says "Something went wrong..." Oh no!

Is this because RIAA can't even build a link or is because they link to a site like the Washington Times which can't even produce a simple web page? Hhhmmmmm.... (If the link doesn't load and you get the spastic error message just reload a few times and perhaps you'll be deemed worthy of actually reading about how to steal your very own entertainment.)

1/4/03:6:00:20 PM PST    

Pamela Anderson
"I'm having fun hanging out with my kids and teaching Sunday school. It's wonderful to make a difference in children's lives."

1/4/03:3:04:27 PM PST    
Israeli Children Occupy Playground
Palestinian children were outraged early yesterday morning to discover that a playground, formerly used by both Israeli and Palestinian children, had been occupied and sealed off by a band of Israeli youths. Claiming a right to the land that their forefathers had played on, Palestinians vowed that they would not rest or break for lunch until the playground had been returned.

1/4/03:12:21:25 PM PST    
The Doc Savage Code
Let me strive every moment of my life, to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit by it.

Let me think of the right and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice.

Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage.

Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say and do.

Let me do right to all, and wrong no man.

1/4/03:11:44:23 AM PST    

Andre Torrez
I work with a few massive tools.

1/4/03:12:28:33 AM PST    
HHS Defends Its Advice About Condoms, Abortion
The original fact sheet, created by the Clinton administration, stressed the importance of condoms to prevent HIV, but claimed that improper use was as much to blame as condom failure.

More nonsense I see. The original fact sheet came, I recall, before Clinton. It appears the reporter used "original" instead of "previous" in the sentence.

Most condom failure does come from improper use. Don't let them tell you otherwise. The whole issue fails to address the problems with condoms. People and their moral stances prevent the real issues from getting discussed in all aspects of society. No surprise it effects condoms as well. They have been a major source of contention as long ago as when housewifes made them by hand in their kitchens up to today where millions of dollars and the vector of an epidemic hang in the balance.

1/4/03:12:00:33 AM PST    

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