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Tuesday, January 7, 2003

I completely agree with Lessing's point. There is much prejudice towards the women, especially mothers, and against all men, especially fathers. Certainly it is not as bad as she describes in our schools but there is a pronounced proclivity in American culture to lean in the way she describes. One of my favorite books is "The Golden Notebook." It sounds like Lessing has quite a bit of character.

1/7/03:11:08:32 PM PST    
White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer August 3, 2001
Mokhiber: I understand, that's why I'm raising the question. This gentleman was convicted of a felony, child molestation, and they're trying to strip him of five radio licenses. On the other hand, General Electric, which owns NBC, has been convicted of felonies, and they're not being stripped of their license. Why the double standard?

Ari Fleischer: I think you need to talk to the FCC about their standards. That's their jurisdiction to deal with licensing. Ron?

1/7/03:10:58:18 PM PST    

I Want to See the Homeless People
I am shaking with rage, at that big pussy Hank, at his dumb-ass mother, at his stepfather who smokes constantly and doesn't make a sound unless it's a coughing jag. And at myself. I'm gutless.

1/7/03:10:12:14 PM PST    
It will be the burden of the next generation to hold the today's conservatives to their record of homophobia, but it's only a matter of time until that happens.

1/7/03:9:24:11 PM PST    
"The condom is not a prescription for AIDS, neither is it meant to empower men alone. This is not about latex contact. The issue should be tackled in a sensitive manner."

1/7/03:8:43:53 PM PST    
In a new study, researchers found that the longtime practice of performing a cesarean section in women who have active herpes infections does indeed reduce the risk that their newborns will be infected with the virus. The study also found that women who had been infected with herpes relatively recently were more likely to pass on the virus to their babies than women who had been infected for a longer time.

1/7/03:8:38:21 PM PST    
John Finds Condom, Firefighter Demurs
A provincial project aimed at punishing johns by making them clean up sex-trade debris has gone off the rails because local firefighters are refusing to help pick up the used needles and condoms.

While crews of johns in bright orange prison coveralls are set to comb city parks and streets for the items, they aren't allowed to actually touch them for safety and legal reasons. The plan was for firefighters to follow behind to do the collecting after the work crews marked the paraphernalia with small fluorescent flags, but many firefighters are refusing to take the assignment because they say it's insulting to their profession.

1/7/03:8:34:18 PM PST    

The time has come to re-define the street and what it means to come from the street. Yes, criminals & violence come from the streets, but so do men and women who live their lives with kindness, and within the realm of the law. The problem with making "street" or "realness" synonymous with criminality is that poor black children are demonized. You never see the image of middle class white children killing each other promoted as entertainment.

1/7/03:4:11:31 PM PST    
Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.

1/7/03:4:06:41 PM PST    
Deluxe Condom Teaching Model
Demonstrate the proper use of condoms by using this realistic model. Consists of an erect penis, condoms, syringe and artificial semen to simulate ejaculation. Mounted on a stand and delivered with carrying bag.

1/7/03:3:03:06 PM PST    

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