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Sunday, February 16, 2003

with teeth.

    - Condileeza Rice

2/16/03:11:05:48 PM PST    
that a catwalk model is not required to have a pretty face. Granted it is nice to see a symmetrical beauty up there but it is not required to display clothes.

So one could present a story or movie in which all the models had "perfect" figures but extremely disturbing faces. I could see them being subtley skewed digitally so that women like Heidi Klum look like horrible monsters.

It could also be presented with the model's assets slightly improved in a rather odd fashion. Maybe larger breasts or an obviously larger butt. Even better would be a way for each viewer to get the models boddies accentuated in a specific personal preference rather than the preferences of the film designer.

If you wanted to tell a tale about beauty and corruption this may be a very fun motif to hang it all on. Far more effective though if it isn't mentioned? Ideally everyone in the piece would be normal in appearance except for the models. Maybe just one model among a group of others who are normal.

For a completely different vibe, how about a short squat woman with hair on her face who is suddenly one of the elite fashion models in the world. Sort of a herbie the love bug does home improvement slash earnest naive college student PCism for the fashion world.

2/16/03:10:07:29 PM PST    

  1. How come Saddam H. has never been tried for crimes against humanity? Since everyone agrees he is such a bad man how come the world court has not indicted him?
  2. How come Israel never declared absolue dominion over Palestine and simply made them all citizens? Wouldn't that have normalized the entire situation decades ago?

2/16/03:8:50:08 PM PST    
Reader Mail
Honorable Lynne V. Cheney Har har snort snort - apparently being the First Vice Lady deserves an honorific. Yea that's it. No parody implied at all. Okay you know the word...yep...nimrods!

2/16/03:5:53:14 PM PST    
are screaming at each other again. How many months until they either leave each other or kill each other? How much time before it all ends?

2/16/03:2:06:20 PM PST    
contributing to a database.

2/16/03:1:18:20 PM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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