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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

"future" and then he says he wants to emphasize the future. Does that mean he just feels like an idiot by the last time his depart talked about Duct Tape? Or is he saying there will be a quiz and if you don't have your pre-sized plastic sheeting that you may not be able to pass the class? Cuz you know I'd have to talk to my landlord about that because there is no way on earth plastic and duct tape would seal up my place. Do I have any means to force my landlord to redesign my place or am I just shit out of luck? What do you think Tom?

2/19/03:11:18:54 PM PST    
Turkey wants 1 gazillion dollars to comply.

The United States will drop 1 billion atomic bombs on Ankara if the Turks do not agree in 48 hours.

The President says "You have 48 hours to willingly go along with our grand war against satan Sadadadadadadam, or else!"

Kuwait wants an ice cream. Rumsfield, queen of the frogs, chooses mint chip for old Europe. Iraq embalms its leader by accident in a bad portrait painting disaster.

"48 hours will not proceed," says the shrub, "unless free nations do not stand strong. We . . . will . . . stand . . .strong!"

Saudia Arabia demands 200 trillion dollars and a safe house for their terrorists in order to support the Cowboy, ole Raygun's gimpit, in his quest to do yer Lord's work and keep dirty Bibles away from the shores of the United States. Women in Saudia Arabia and women in the United States buy vibrators as their men go away.

George W. Bush cares about you and only wants what is best for you he only wants what is best for you he only wants what is best for you what is best for you. Donald Rumsfield is a nice man and he only wants to serve his country he only wants to be nice to you and to serve his country he wants you to be nice to his country and he only wants what he can do.

In 48 hours Turkey and Afghanistan must give up their weapons or else. Or else!

2/19/03:11:14:49 PM PST    

David lays out a very succinct case for why Microsoft is run by criminals. The case is even stronger than I was aware of. No wonder I am always trying to steer away from Microsoft products.

2/19/03:11:01:37 AM PST    
that the Republican party was the fiscally responsible one.

2/19/03:10:56:41 AM PST    
has aquired Altavista. I find this an interesting development because until now Overture was looking at search engine usage data from a higher vantage across multiple search engines. After this aquisition they will be able to augment this data with actual search data in real time. This seems to be an interesting development. Especially if this type of knowledge can be inferred across competitor networks, namely Google.

Very interesting. I don't know of any other search engine which has access to both these types of data.

2/19/03:9:48:40 AM PST    

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