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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

2/26/03:11:06:12 PM PST    
his techniques of deceit

2/26/03:10:38:25 PM PST    
Yea, what she said.

2/26/03:7:21:49 PM PST    
More On The American Empire
This is not just twitchy, anti-war conspiracy talk. An outfit exists on 17th Street in Washington, DC, called the Project for the New American Century, explicitly committed to US mastery of the globe for the coming age. Its acolytes speak of "full spectrum dominance", meaning American invincibility in every field of warfare - land, sea, air and space - and a world in which no two nations' relationship with each other will be more important than their relationship with the US. There will be no place on earth, or the heavens for that matter, where Washington's writ does not run supreme. To that end, a ring of US military bases should surround China, with liberation of the People's Republic considered the ultimate prize. As one enthusiast puts it concisely: "After Baghdad, Beijing."

If this sounds like the harmless delusions of an eccentric fringe, think again. The founder members of the project, launched in 1997 as a Republican assault on the Clinton presidency, form a rollcall of today's Bush inner circle. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Richard Perle - they're all there. So too is Zalmay Khalilzad, now the White House's "special envoy and ambassador-at-large for free Iraqis".

2/26/03:3:33:23 PM PST    

The Madness of Empire
is vaster than my vegetable love. But then I am just being coy.

2/26/03:2:52:24 PM PST    
Better pray hard Andrew. Bush's hubris is all that stands in your way.

2/26/03:11:52:18 AM PST    
Just A Small Reminder

2/26/03:11:45:38 AM PST    
So I'm Googling through My Lunch Box
and I found a stale Yahoo! Yummm!

2/26/03:9:46:27 AM PST    
Bush's Inability To Focus Or Commit
Joshua Marshall says, on the upcoming United States dominion over Iraq, that "the scope of enterprise is awe-inspiring." Which would certainly point to a need for complete follow through and full support both militarily and financially. Which of course will not be derived from Bush. He'll walk away from this commitment just as he had all the others he has made domestically.

2/26/03:9:42:16 AM PST    
turns out to be nonsense. Who knew? The list of folks he is pissing on just keeps growing and growing.

2/26/03:9:35:20 AM PST    

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