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Friday, February 14, 2003

Okay so today I completed the ticket give away. Due to my extreme misfortune at not being in New York City this weekend I was unable to attend the opening party for "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not." But fortunately I was able to send Geoff and his Date from Beautiful Downtown Jersey City & Meg and her Date from Wonderful Minnesota to the event. Let's hope they all had a good time!

If not, well damn, don't blame me. I wasn't even there.

2/14/03:7:44:05 PM PST    

I just received my copy of the appeal brief in the mail today (it's got a bright red cover this time). Some may have forgotten but we are still winding our way through the courts trying to fight off CIPA. Of course, this brief is for the United States Supreme Court. Needless to say CIPA couldn't be fought without the excellent work of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and of course the American Library Association. I encourage you to donate, as you see fit, to one of these fine organizations.

Now more than ever civil liberties need to be defended. Arguments begin at SCOTUS on March 5, be there or be square.

2/14/03:7:04:18 PM PST    

when Lord Bush will be tried for treason?

2/14/03:2:40:45 PM PST    
of you. No really I am. You have a more organized file system than I. You are, no doubt, backed up. I am rarely. My feet stink. You have slippers and talcum, maybe a bit of essence in the air. I have dandruff. You have a coiff. You are suave. I wear aftershave from the five and dime and my mommy dresses me funny. I pick my nose. You have an electronic whirring thing to trim the hair up there. I only sometimes know what folks are talking about in Wikis. You can manage CSS. I'm still trying to manage UPS.

But, when push comes to shove I am far more sexy than you. Hard to believe I know. But it's true.

2/14/03:11:20:21 AM PST    

So the stat application for my network has been removed from use. Apparently the amount of money I spent per year, $19.95, was not sufficient and so since my network gets well above the 5k visitors for that scale the vendor has decided to raise the price to $200 per annum.

That just won't fly. Maybe it would if I really cared. But I don't. And I certainly don't have that kind of cash on hand to drop on &^%$*& stats! I have had an application in mind to build for several years to manage such statistics. Perhaps now is the time to do so. I have been messing around with the php capabilities in creating graphics on the fly. I'd love to do something like James does but I'll just take it one step at a time. I guess I'm gonna have to get off my duff on this one.

So effective today I will update the running stats and then let it lie until such time as I have replaced it with something more interesting and can generate new numbers. For now we are stuck with the troublesome tools given by Radio Userland. No worries.

2/14/03:10:45:17 AM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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