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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

on my desk. I can't spend it yet because I haven't told you about it.

On Thursday morning we left the apartment at 7:15am. You left first. I was behind to lock the door.

There was a man at the foot of the steps. He waved this bill at us. He had the look of mental illness in his eyes. He had a gotee, red hair, crazy eyes, long eyelashes, and he desperately wanted to give me his money.

You were frightened and jumped back behind me seeking protection.

I tried to speak to the man. He shushed me with his hand to his lips and looked out into the courtyard as though there was someone out sneeking up on us. His eyes were squirrely in their sockets.

He stood below the black metal railing and reached up the side of the stairs to press the crumpled bill into my hand.

The bill says, "CAll Police Ray Rios is AFTer JEFF! Don't use Radios They have good Scanner & silencers"

He hid under the table on the neighbor's porch and we went back in the apartment. I closed the door and went to the phone to call 911 and report this event. You were very frightened by this strangely acting man. I comforted you and we went back out to the porch and began climbing down the stairs.

He was still there crouched on the neighbor's porch. As I looked down at him I was reminded of Gollum. He looked so small and pathetic as though the tiny little concrete porch would swallow him whole. I motioned to him and started to speak to give him back the money, told him I had called the police as he requested. He panicked when he heard my voice and tried desperately to get me quiet.

So we left. We climbed down the stairs and went down the next set and then out into the alley where we saw Holly. Holly, I said as she rolled her window down, does Jeff no someone named Ray Rios? No she said. I showed her the bill. Her face went ashen. I explained that either Jeff is about to be killed by Ray Rios or this guy on the porch is out of his mine and his name is the same as your boyfriends. She got flustered, her fingers flashing about on the steering wheel as she debated what to do. She pulled back into her spot and left the car to find her Jeff.

to be continued

2/18/03:11:13:46 PM PST    

The new Alexa Toolbar beta is out now. It features, can you guess, popup suppression. With Safari, Mozilla, Netscape, & Opra devoting code to this it seems like it's only a matter of time before the next version of Explorer cuts out onLoad instances of popups as well.

2/18/03:1:52:16 PM PST    
I prefer Russian Vodka?

2/18/03:1:37:17 PM PST    
Professionally it has been decided to move forward. You don't know what this is about. I'm not going to tell you. (of course if you've been paying attention you know already)

This is a placeholder so I'll be able to look back and know the date.

It looks like launch will arrive sometime this summer.

2/18/03:12:15:38 PM PST    

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