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Thursday, March 27, 2003

The Diva Has Her Breasts Pushed Apart
While I would never dream of pissing on the beauty that is Mariah a friend once had the pleasure of interviewing her in a jacuzzi. Due to her inability to answer any of his questions without asking the director to cut while she had a glass of water bought to her/had her make up touched up/had her boobs pushed further apart the interview took fricken ages. So he pissed in the jacuzzi. The end.

3/27/03:2:37:26 PM PST    
and her dog Willis

3/27/03:1:22:40 PM PST    
I just opened a sale at Condomania. Place an order and use the code word "Lucky Star" with your order and you can buy two of an item and get one free.

3/27/03:11:43:13 AM PST    
Howard Dean On the Bush Doctrine
Presidential candidate Howard Dean gave a talk at Harvard last night. He asked an interesting question. Next year, how will we feel when China invades Taiwan because they think they have weapons of mass destruction? Has the new Bush Doctrine, pre-emptive wars, unleashed a philosophy of world power that we may not be so comfortable with?

3/27/03:7:13:26 AM PST    

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I forgot about the war.

3/26/03:11:22:43 PM PST    
Shut Down Over War Photos?
Yes that's true the censorship grows.

3/26/03:2:43:24 PM PST    
Why? Because I think that fundamentalism is the real enemy of progress, and that includes both fundamentalist take-no-prisoners conservatives as well as fundamentalist America-is-a-sink-of-corruption lefties [~] both at home and abroad. I'm tired of Christian fundamentalists, who apparently think America should be ruled via some lunatic interpretation of the book of Leviticus, and I'm tired of Islamic fundamentalists, who think it's a sin for women to drive cars. Likewise, I'm tired of tax-cut fundamentalists who want to ruin the American economy via deficits as far the eye can see, and I'm tired of anti-globalization fundamentalists who think McDonald's is the root of all evil.

3/26/03:11:06:16 AM PST    

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

is I start writing in my head and it doesn't make it to this page.

3/25/03:11:49:01 PM PST    
declared after the bombing commenced in Iraq that within 48 hours the coalition would take over television broadcasts? Tonight they are reporting that Iraqi tv building has been hit. Guess it was decided they couldn't take over.

3/25/03:6:27:53 PM PST    
is about regime change and weapons of mass destruction. Because if it was just about WMDs then I would then I'd have to worry the "coppers" may plant WMDs in someone's coat pocket while they are being frisked.

3/25/03:12:03:05 PM PST    

Monday, March 24, 2003

and I must admit I don't want to.

3/24/03:9:04:32 PM PST    

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Lastest Fun Porn Spam, No. 35
Finally - Get Health Care without limbs!

3/23/03:8:11:55 PM PST    
about American Empire take a look at the stage set for official announcements concerning the war. A glistening modern map of the entire globe with no demarked countries of any kind. A blank slate upon which the military industrial cabal can spin the news of the day.

3/23/03:11:14:14 AM PST    

Saturday, March 22, 2003

The Weirding Way
is a meditation of sorts I wrote on fascism, ecology, the first gulf war, and American politics. It was published in the Spring 1991 edition of Ones & Zeroes.

(At some point I'll begin re-publishing much of this Ones & Zeroes content. I was given permission to reprint this stuff a couple of years ago but have never had the chance.

Given the current war in Iraq I thought it prudent to dig out the piece and see if it had anything to offer. My perpsectives have grown quite a bit in the intervening years. I'm going to spend the next few hours/days editing, linking, and formatting the piece.

After that if I find it of value I may set out to write part two.

We'll see. In the mean time check it out and comment on any additional resources or links which may be applicable to it.

3/22/03:12:40:03 PM PST    

is on commercial break.

3/22/03:9:01:59 AM PST    

Thursday, March 20, 2003

I know. But watching hundreds of tanks rolling over the border into Raq while also watching a dozen Iraqis string barbed wire hundreds of miles away, well, it's just pathetic.

3/20/03:9:05:50 PM PST    
Where is Raed? is the read of the day.

3/20/03:1:35:06 PM PST    
Santa Fe New Mexican
Humpback whales, the asexual reproduction of mushrooms and House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

These are dangerous topics that children, or adults for that matter, should not be learning about.

This statement sounds ridiculous, but that is effectively the message being sent by the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which mandates filters being placed on internet-linked computers at public schools and libraries to protect children from indecent material.

3/20/03:8:52:51 AM PST    

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