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Monday, March 10, 2003

Lord Bush Farquaad
meet_farquaad.jpgSome of you may die, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.

3/10/03:9:43:23 PM PST    
Now Daddy don't dream of devils or poop!

3/10/03:9:25:32 PM PST    
A Fractured Penis
A man was admitted to the emergency department at 1 am in obvious distress. He was agitated, his skin cold and clammy, suggestive of blood loss.

Doctors were shocked to find a markedly swollen penis as the cause which required immediate surgery to remove a large blood clot. The question -- how did it happen?

He was reluctant to explain but finally admitted he had been masturbating vigorously when he heard a sudden snap followed by intense pain and swelling.

The diagnosis? A fractured penis, the 67th case to be reported in world literature.

3/10/03:2:51:28 PM PST    

The White House asked if President Bush could address the European Parliament, Baroness Williams revealed on BBC One's This Week show on Thursday. But, she said, Euro-MPs were told there was a condition attached to him making the speech: a standing ovation should be guaranteed. The speech has never taken place.

3/10/03:12:17:25 PM PST    

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