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Friday, March 7, 2003

A Houston Planned Parenthood clinic sustained its first violent attack in nearly five years today, only days after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a ruling that had shut down aggressive anti-abortion demonstrations at clinics.

Frank Lafayette Bird Jr., 61, of the 2300 block of Callie Street, was arrested after driving a delivery van into the front entrance of the clinic on Fannin.

Bird, a well-known Houston abortion protester who served a one-year federal prison term for attacking a doctor outside another Houston clinic in December 1994, told a deputy constable the crash was deliberate, to "stop the killing."

And here's an excerpt from this moron's court case:

On December 13, 1994, appellant Frank Bird (Bird), while protesting outside the America's Women Clinic in Houston, Texas, threw a bottle at a car driven by Dr. Theodore Herring (Herring), an abortion provider, as he attempted to enter the clinic premises. As Bird threw the bottle, he yelled, "Herring, I'm going to get you. I'm going to kill you." Although Dr. Herring was not physically injured, the bottle shattered the windshield of his car. Employees of the clinic subsequently called the police, who arrived at the scene and arrested Bird.

3/7/03:9:15:43 PM PST    

Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

3/7/03:3:14:19 PM PST    
I Just Adore That Cool Minty Fresh Taste!

3/7/03:2:09:40 PM PST    
Chocolate Slavery, Part 2
Have you ever had someone accidently convince you they are guilty? In spite of that I am going to refrain from making a judgement until I have more information. But today's conversations have not made me feel more confident. More soon. Here's the previous post.

3/7/03:11:11:26 AM PST    
K may have the opportunity to interview some member(s) of Linkin Park. Granted she is only 8 years old but it is a good opportunity for her to grow and learn. The problem is she is too shy to move forward on this. I hope she does but I don't want to push her. She loves the music so. It would be a pity if she passes this up.

3/7/03:10:26:55 AM PST    
Yet Another Court Case I Am Involved In
A three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the Child Online Protection Act restricted free speech by barring Web page operators from posting information inappropriate for minors unless they limited the site to adults. The ruling upheld an injunction blocking the government from enforcing the law.

Yea! I could see this one coming a mile away.

UPDATE I just received my copy of the decision. I have posted it here.

3/7/03:10:13:00 AM PST    

Brilliant Use of Force
i said, ok, say that the reason that gas prices are way up right now is because Iraq is a much more powerful nation than they appear. say that just like they control oil prices in california, they control the tea prices in china, and they are hugely responsible for the activities surrounding the attacks of 9/11 just like the saudis.

i could hear him writing because he talked while he wrote.

... just like the saudis. ok good, now what? oh wait. we cant say anything about the saudis.

why not? i asked.

he said, i dont know, but theres a big note pinned to my jacket that says, dont talk about the saudis. i keep forgetting.

so i said, just say that iraq is bad and america is good and even though saddam said on 60 minutes that he wanted to talk live on tv that he's really a liar and his nose is gonna grow and all he's trying to do is stall so that we accidently shoot ourselves as we're accumulating troops in the persian gulf. and he's stalling so he can make new bombs to blow us all to hell.

there was a pause and he asked me for another word for hell.

and i said hell is exactly the place that the enemies of america want us to be blown to. the polls say that if you ran for re-election right now you'd lose, which makes sense cuz you lost the first time, and i wouldnt vote for a man who allowed himself to get talked out of saying hell when he meant hell.

the president seemed sad. he said, you wouldnt vote for me?

i said, a real president would say "blow us all to shit." hell is a more reasonable alternative, and anyway if you say hell people will start believing the seriousness of this fucked up shit.

3/7/03:9:09:13 AM PST    

Must more more words...

3/7/03:8:56:46 AM PST    
It's an agreement.

3/7/03:8:48:11 AM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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