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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Can I Join the Fight?
barbie.jpgI am a bi-sexual woman who is also bi-racial and I'm addicted to high fashion and high heeled shoes. I love make-up and being glamorous and I am too chic to speak! Can your organization help me?

Kevin shares this as an example of the mail which arrives at the desk of the Barbie Nation Freedom Fighters.

3/13/03:9:19:19 PM PST    

Across the street today they are holding auditions for a music video. Apparently they want groups of thugged out young black kids and their booty mamas. Only problem is most of these fellows and young ladies are simply too soft looking to be real. They all look like they just walked in from K-Mart where they bought the latest in thug wear. Next up is the bikers. They are all descending on the street with their huge loud hogs looking like a ZZ Top convention.

I half expect the transvestite prostitutes on the corner to break in a song and dance number followed by a soft shoe/hip hop jam a'la Michael Jackson's Thriller in the middle of the street.

3/13/03:2:40:28 PM PST    

Moving the Dead for Cheap Political Gain
Frustrated by France's refusal to support a war with Iraq, U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite proposes bringing the remains of American veterans buried in France back to the United States.

If the country that U.S. troops helped liberate during World War II won't support American military plans, then Brown-Waite proposes bringing the remains of those troops home for the families that request it.

"France has consistently turned its back on the United States," said Brown-Waite, R- Brooksville. "They forget if it weren't for America, they would be speaking German today."

More than 74,000 U.S. servicemen and women from World War I and World War II are buried in American cemeteries in France and Belgium, according to the American Battle Monuments Commission.

If I had someone buried over there, I don't as all my family in WWII came home afterwards, I would be royally offended by this suggestion. As it is, I am royally offended by this suggestion.

3/13/03:10:57:09 AM PST    

3/13/03:9:52:48 AM PST    
Coaching & Cancer
This year's game, which will be followed by a contest featuring players from Tri-State Industries taking on several members of the local media, is special in that Nathan Waggoner is the honorary coach. Waggoner, an Open Door alumnus, is battling cancer.

A dear friend and his family have a new coach in the family. Go Grae!

3/13/03:9:21:33 AM PST    

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