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Friday, March 14, 2003

3/14/03:11:16:32 PM PST    
in a high fructose corn syrup plant.

3/14/03:11:05:56 PM PST    
no really, you haven't, till you've watched a child dance around the room singing the theme song to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

3/14/03:8:02:45 PM PST    
Benefits Not Features
Benefits Not Features

3/14/03:2:15:06 PM PST    
The Nine Billion Links of God
According to the Phoenix New Times, the state of Arizona has been allowing a "feudal" colony of fundamentalist Mormons to force underage girls into illegal polygamous marriages for decades.

Aside from being an excellent title for a blog this is a good catch. When I heard this morning on NPR that Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped by a polygamist "preacher" I immediately realized she has probably been raped by this man and his wife. I suspect this case is going to open up several polygamist communities to outside scrutiny. Poor girl.

3/14/03:12:23:57 PM PST    

I don't normally reprint articles in whole. But I see this as very important and I have no idea where it came from so I'll print it here until I can find a proper citation for it.

March 14, 2003

Matthew Bailey-Dick, 30, from Waterloo ON, was denied entry into the USA early on March 7, 2003, after U.S. immigration officials at Port Huron MI found literature from Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in the trunk of his rental car. The immigration officers claimed that the CPT newsletters, printed in Chicago IL, were "anti-American." They also raised concerns about a sticker on Bailey-Dick's guitar case that read, "Question authority."

Bailey-Dick is currently studying at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries in Goshen, IN. He had been in Waterloo, ON, speaking at the church he had pastored for the previous two years--Waterloo Kitchener United Mennonite Church--about his participation in the recent CPT delegation to Iraq.

Bailey-Dick was carrying a J-1 student visa, valid until the end of August 2003. U.S. immigration officers confiscated the visa, insisting that he needed a new type of visa document. They then finger-printed and photographed him. Later that day, an immigration supervisor told Bailey-Dick that his student visa was valid, but that he was still denied entry into the USA. The supervisor said that Bailey-Dick needed to go to Detroit for an interview with an even higher-echelon U.S. immigration official.

When he arrived at the Detroit border crossing on March 8, Bailey-Dick was questioned for an hour by FBI agent Tom Morisi and immigration officer John Owen about the work of Christian Peacemaker Teams and the CPT delegation to Iraq. They then informed him that his student visa would be reissued.

At the end of the questioning, Owen cautioned Bailey-Dick, "Don't bring any of that literature across the border any more. It's one thing for an American citizen to distribute such literature. It's quite a different thing for a foreign national to come into the USA and promote such ideas."

3/14/03:9:37:52 AM PST    

As we pack up our gear, I cross the street in front of the small Iranian apartment building where we were staying, to shoot some video, a wide shot of the truck and bus. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a man come out of a small convenience store, carrying a beautiful black rooster. He gently places it below the curb on the busy street. With a box cutter he cuts off its head. The lump of its body pulsates like a heart for a few moments as little puddle of crimson spreads across the pebbled asphalt. The rooster

This guy is going on the speed dial for the immediate future.

3/14/03:9:02:03 AM PST    

Oh My God,
Spain ate my homework too!

3/14/03:7:08:25 AM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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