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Saturday, March 8, 2003

I'm a catholic fag at the religious take-away.

3/8/03:10:46:01 PM PST    
Stone Baby
Lithopaedions are calcified fetuses. The earliest recorded dated back to 1582 when a 28-year old fetus was found in French woman.

In 1995, the Lancet medical journal reported that a 92-year-old woman had a lithopaedion inside her body. In 1999, the Madigan Military Hospital in Washington D.C. said a 67-year-old woman had been found to have carried a calcified fetus for 39 years.

Three years ago a 76-year-old woman was found to have carried a 20-gram (0.7 ounce) and 12-centimeter-long lithopaedion for 49 years.

In an interesting example of false information being passed around as truth Google has 19 results which all claim that there are a total of four recorded lithopaedions in history. From what I see there are five. There are five recorded lithopaedions in history.

I'm willing to bet there is someone who studies lithopaedions. This person could no doubt tell stories of stone babies in literature, mythology, medical lore. But I don't know anything except there are five on the net. Who studies lithopaedions?

3/8/03:10:41:56 PM PST    

Cleaning Up After the Brat
It's unfortunately like babysitting someone else's horribly spoiled brat. I cannot discipline and direct them as I see fit and I can only wait until they leave my care. They cannot leave soon enough, before they break something else of value. Put away anything precious and any sharp objects as best as you can in the mean time.

3/8/03:10:13:32 PM PST    
oral contraceptive users are more likely to have more sexual partners than non-pill users.

I know an enormous number of married women who use the pill and only have their husbands as partners. I'd like to see studies which support this claim.

3/8/03:9:13:23 PM PST    

Yes It Is True
the United States will invade France after Iraq has been defeated.

3/8/03:8:38:31 PM PST    
Moron Alert, No. 47
[Maria asks Colin Powell] Even though there's not much of a problem with racism and religious tolerance in my school, there's definitely one when it comes to homophobia. Do you think racism, religious discrimination and discrimination against homosexuals should be treated equally?

I think any form of discrimination has to be looked at. As you know, the military has the policy, "Don't ask, don't tell," so that somebody who is openly homosexual does not serve. I'm an advocate of that policy, I helped put that policy in place and I'm accused, therefore, of supporting homophobia.

But I think it's a different matter with respect to the military because you're essentially told who you're going to live with, who you're going to sleep next to, and it's a different set of circumstances in a military environment.

Out of a military environment, in a school, I think any act that suggests someone should be discriminated against or in some way stigmatized because of their racial background, ethnic background or sexual preference is not appropriate.

Here in the State Department, sexual preference makes no difference; we have gay ambassadors and employees throughout the Department. I don't know who they are and it's none of my business, as long as they do their jobs.

And that doesn't apply to gay folks because they might be sleeping next to someone? Has this guy left his brain at the security council? Calling all delegates, has anyone mistakenly picked up the Secretary of States brain? Please bring it to the front desk and no questions will be asked.

3/8/03:8:27:17 PM PST    

who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

-Susan B. Anthony

3/8/03:7:43:14 PM PST    

George Bush is jealous because his dad was elected to office?

3/8/03:6:15:34 PM PST    
something new? I have.

3/8/03:12:33:05 AM PST    

this machine kills fascists

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