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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Why Blogs Matter, No. 32
The Bush press conference to me was like a mini-Alamo for American journalism, a final announcement that the press no longer performs anything akin to a real function. Particularly revolting was the spectacle of the cream of the national press corps submitting politely to the indignity of obviously pre-approved questions, with Bush not even bothering to conceal that the affair was scripted.

3/11/03:2:35:27 PM PST    
Rep. Arlon Lindner, already facing severe criticism over his statements about gays and lesbians and the Nazi Holocaust, was accused of racism on the House floor Monday after saying his bill to strip gays and lesbians of state human rights protections would save America from becoming "another African continent."

And then of course there is Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, another moron of freedom, who feels French fries are baaaaaaaaadd!

3/11/03:12:24:07 PM PST    

begin managing safersex through this interface. Then I will rebuild john the maiden on 1021. In the next few days this id will begin drawing lots of traffic in the Salon community server.

3/11/03:2:39:33 PM PST    
And would someone please ask me, like George Bush and his friends, WHY THE FUCK I'D LIKE TO KILL ALL MY FRIENDS IN MY SIDEWAYS WORLD? That's the last thing I want to do. I'm a mom. I want my friends to have fun and eat and grow up and make more kids. I'm not really wanting to nuke them into non-existence.

3/11/03:11:09:09 AM PST    
After more than a million years of computation by more than 4 million computers worldwide, the SETI@home screensaver that crunches data in search of intelligent signals from space has produced a list of candidate radio sources that deserve a second look.
3/11/03:10:22:01 AM PST    
Mission STS-78 of the US space shuttle Columbia is seen lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on June 20, 1996. Between April 1981 and January 1998, the space shuttle completed a total of 89 launches with only one failure - a 98% success rate.

- Guiness World Records 2000 Millennium Edition

3/11/03:7:15:25 AM PST    

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