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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Kissable Mia
Finally, we could not leave out Mia of Kissable. Mia is always looking great on cam. Her outfits are put together very well, showcasing her keen fashion sense. Many of the new, young, up and coming cam girls go to Mia for fashion advice. We always see her blowing kisses at us with her glossy lips, frosty eyeshadow and glowing skin.

3/5/03:11:43:05 PM PST    
Ok what's the deal please? Everyone is mad at this site cause it's marketing? But I have virtually no clue about what is being sold here. The people hating on this site say more about the product than the site does. So they say it's Dr. Pepper milk? strange. Soda milk? huh... *shrug* who knows. It's not very commercial for a commercial. That I like. Ok Why are people mad again? I think I need to get caught up.

3/5/03:11:34:17 PM PST    
Raging Cow has just updated with the usual nonsense. No acknowledgement of any recent reactions. If it were a real and genuine blog, there would at least be mention, wouldn't you think?

3/5/03:11:31:18 PM PST    
the war on terrorism is the war on drugs is the war on the world. empire is growing fast now, precious!

3/5/03:11:17:55 PM PST    
to serve the body of Christ by working with the premiere marketing research company in America that is dedicated to assisting God's people to do the work of the kingdom?

Yes Yes Pick Me!!!!!

3/5/03:4:18:54 PM PST    

So I'm thinking the "official" ware against Iraq begins either this weekend coming up or at latest the following weekend. When do you think it will start?

3/5/03:4:12:10 PM PST Watch Life Unfold
My buddy Trevor has launched his new project. It looks to be nifty. I wonder though if it should have some kind of RSS capability so that customers could open channels directly from the service into their own blogs?

3/5/03:12:51:32 PM PST    
is having delicious fun with the White House search engine.

3/5/03:11:55:16 AM PST    
Sodomy Lobby
enters into clever agreement to police government building foyers with new improved anal probe! Read all about it!

3/5/03:10:45:42 AM PST    
American heterosexuals dislike bisexuals more than they dislike gays and lesbians and most religious, ethnic or racial groups, according to a national opinion survey conducted by the University of California Davis.

Well at least we're not disliked more than the fat folks. ; P

3/5/03:10:35:05 AM PST    

Deroy Murdock
breaks down the stupid drug war and the losers who waste our time and money on it. How many years will it take before these morons wake up?

3/5/03:9:56:42 AM PST    
There's More Than Just U.S. Credibility at Stake in Iraq
We're all hostage to the Bush administration's incompetence, whether we like it or not.

3/5/03:9:30:58 AM PST    
Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on CIPA. I am party to the case. If I recall correctly I was offered by the ACLU a seat today but I can't manage to make it to Washington. I wish I could be there. More on this later...

3/5/03:9:11:06 AM PST    

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