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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

becomes Dr. Laura. Breast implants to follow.

3/12/03:12:28:41 PM PST    
It would be extremely unfortunate timing to announce his capture before Iraq is invaded. That could even be embarrassing for the administration. After all much of current support for the invasion hinges on OBL being free and still able to get WMD from Iraq.

3/12/03:10:11:14 AM PST    
turns 50 today.

3/12/03:9:42:12 AM PST    
  1. No politician, under any circumstances, should be allowed to name anything after themselves or any other politician. This means no highways, bridges, hallways, buildings, kiosks, airports, rooms, streets, etc.
  2. No politician should be allowed under any circumstances to campaign for any other politician. No state sponsored trips, no appearences, no op-ed pieces etc.

3/12/03:9:34:32 AM PST    
with all of these resolutions. Why does it even matter whether another resolution is passed. Bush is going to invade Iraq no matter what may happen. That has been obvious for months and months. No matter what Iraq could have done or the UN could have done the invasion has been a foregone conclusion ever since Bush was (s)elected to office.

Do the folks in the United Nations really truly believe they have some sort of say in this situation?

3/12/03:9:17:30 AM PST    

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