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Right now, this page just points you to various multimedia exhibits in the rest of the site. In the future, we'll feature some of the best posters and videos promoting safer sex and AIDS awareness.

How to Use a Condom
A cartoon guide to putting on and using a condom. Contains more information than the usual CDC version. Includes a tip for intact (uncircumsised) penises. (Adobe Acrobat pdf version [388K]) [About Condoms]

How to Put on a Condom video
Psychologist Marian Dunn shows how to put a condom on a realistic model in this video clip. [About Condoms]

Lesbian Safer Sex
Are Lesbians At Risk for Contracting HIV from Each Other? Yes!! There have cases reported since the mid 1980's which indicate that women are transmitting HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) to each other. [Women and Safer Sex]

Download a Lesbian Safer Sex Guidelines cut-and-fold display to stand up on your nightstand! Very New! Very Cool!

Rosie the Riveter Goes to the Rubber Factory
A cute series of video clips that take you to a condom factory. See how condoms are made. Framed with World War II footage to give the theme: America at War. [About Condoms]

Sex Myths
Four guys talk about common sexual misconceptions and what they think about them. Good advice for anybody. [Safer Sex]

How to talk with a partner about smart sex
But lots of people aren't doing what they know they should because they are uncomfortable talking about their decisions. They're too embarrassed to bring up the subject; they fear rejection; or they just aren't sure how to say what they want to say. Excerpts from the audio tape by Bernie Zilbergeld and Lonnie Barbach. [Safer Sex]

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