Debate About Support Underwear

Hi, it’s Barbie with a somewhat silly post. A good friend of mine who is a member of our club (along with her husband) is bragging about her husband’s enhanced performance after wearing support underwear for a few weeks. At first, I didn’t even know what support underwear was, but it was explained to me that they are briefs with extra support almost akin to having a built-in jockstrap. Consequently, the package is more secure — so to speak. This sounded like a bunch of hogwash to me, and Tom (my husband) tended to agree. My friend, Terri, said that Tom was just biased because he prefers boxers — and she urged me to convince Tom to at least try it out. I was not surprised when Tom flatly refused and said he will never give up the comfort of his boxers while walking around all day wearing a glorified jockstrap. I’ve done a bit of research, and there appears to be nothing written on this subject. So I thought I’d come on here to ask if anyone has thoughts on this matter?

I’ve heard people say that a man’s choice of underwear can affect sperm count — but I don’t know if this is just an old wives’ tale. I have never heard of a correlation between underwear and sexual performance. I’d think if this was true, then all men long ago would have switched to support underwear. So I decided to conduct my own experiment. There are two men in our club who I have substantial “experience” with — and I would notice an improvement should one occur. Seeing Tom refuses to play along with my experiment, I am going to convince these two men to switch to support underwear — and then I will judge the impact during our next “party” in a few weeks. Isn’t science fun?! I’ll update everyone with the results of my experiment — bye for now.


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