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indian given'
soft warm sun thoughts lit 
   the room like golden threads 
in silence we kissed 
  an shared the same breath 
mellow moments stirred and 
   gave life to love again 
uniting us to the alpha and end 

in the eye of your mind 
   i sensed an inner peace 
and on the isle of time 
  the dove was released 
one calm one view one reality 
  souls can only express 
when they are let to be free 

you are the soft sunrise 
    whispering of a pastel dawn 
you are justly as dear as 
    a forest hiding a fawn 
one life one time one( unison) forgiven 
    a freedom for all of life's seasons 
one space one place for liven' 

11-20 feb. 76 tigh 


mrs. leader 
poor, poorest person indeed 
      of money, there is no need 
for gold is gold 
its' weight you hold 

in thought you reach 
     what's been preached 
do we gain 
from fallout rain 

missleader: you say and we say 
you do and we do 
positive is oblivious 
     negative is carnivorous 
(is your caress wealth) 
like type on page 
naked is my image 
so so sincere 
so so dear 

i'd only be fooling myself 
if i did caress your wealth 


(Author's note: these words are left for the reader 
to ask the question and answer the old question , 
when the tree fell was it silent or did you hear it 
with out being there?  life is not all serious- sometimes 
you gatta have fun with words) 

                 love is 
being frank enough to admit it 
stuborn enough to maintain it 
wise enough to constantly respect it 
willing to work for its union 
and open enough to share its 
wealth with every one 

1/14/78 tigh 

(a first time- as we think about it we wonder 
-will it ever happen again.) 

one remembered 

remaking lsat nights bed 
standing- wishing you were here 
remembering each joyuos tear 
the pillow fragrantly stained 
oh how your scent remains 
  drawn closer- i just can't forget 
reverently touching the place 
where face to face we laid 
the miracle- love explained 
and on those hallow lines 
i trace a form side by side 
one person bound in time 
  i feared the act i did not know 
but now in my soul it shows 
we felt that childs kiss 
received with tender-open lips 
the one with breathless curves 
i thought- only statues reserved 
our widened whispering eyes 
mellowed any resistance inside 
  we took love beyond a dream 
unveiling an innocent reverie 
we were created for this 
two lovers ending earths shyness 
behind - you tip toe in   (i hear) 
soft palms upon my eyes   (only your touch) 
"i came home early today"  (you say awkwardly) 
   the lines of love again caress 
so natural-all we own 
one hallow and misty throne 
(two as one bound up home) 

1st jan. 77   tigh