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(the next one was written after watching the program on the hubble 


a bowed head 
listening to the thoughts 
releasing them in words 
going ahead with trust 
smiling at the release 
feelings, feeling a phoenix 
  a thankful one 
  a hand in mind 
  touch of gratitude 
  a wonderful rememberance 
  that lives less prejudice 
  equality for all, not malice 
which travels faster 
light, sound,or thought. 
who perceives more trustingly 
youth, adult, or child 
 dust, gases, ashes creating 
 rising carnally totally engulfed 
in the rebirth  of a star 
a universe- and the life 
of ones self 
a bowed one 
a humble wish 
take care- care of yourself...please 
               tigh...5/19/ 98 

(i can remember the effort of carl sagan trying to get hie space ideas 
accepted by the public.) 


it's time to part the ways 
no harm, it's last years day 
once someone is used 
he gets used to the abuse 
but, all rings well 
for you are swell 
and life goes on forever 

paths that were onced walked 
are lost in smoke and talk 
stop and face the years 
which echo smiles and tears 
 the tempo is update 
work up no real hate 
because life goes on forever 

what was once so real 
sits like an uneaten meal 
you wonder why and how 
that it happens just now 
it's no joke 
life's a probe 
like it goes on forever.... 


(the smoke refered to is cig. smoke nothing else.)