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take care 

his one ageless whisper 
is incest to flame request 
come dance-with urania 
step to the varied show 
  he stood there still 
  admix constructive constellations 
  a supreme being 
  one with honey breath 
  his gray orb,deeply reflective 
  a robo cop chest 
  a washboard stomach 
  his gentleness attentioned 
  a concave convex origin 
as like northern lights 
we were bonded motion 
shedding a rainbow ora 
a flair a sensuous care 
seen by those who dare 
blend the aesthetics and lights 
soul merged mated ones' those who understand 
they labor on honor 
and value the code 
  for they alone lay naked 
  as one in a breathless 
  meek weak eros relief 
being this as thus 
unrefundable dues paid in full 
the adjoined part of me 
a bare polar moon aclipse 
begs to the heavens 
and wanders the beyond 
may his arrow shot afar 
retun to earth welcome 
proud once again to 
walk freely between mind 
(likes of yours and mine=1 cosmos-one freind)... 

tigh...may "98" 

divine nature 

a personal moment 
a call to reason 
no mortal tone speaks 
when it appears 
seconds- flash -years 
i contemplate fate 
all enter an evaluation 
a place-face to face 
with the face less ones 
they are image less 
a surviving race 
an eleavated presence 
not guilt ridden 
no worldly goldly 
just a simple 
reflective- reverence 
a one to one 
open communication 
upon once received 
we return enlightened 
i rememberi said 
"i am what i am" 
this is the truth of me 
the return transmitting 
this is what I needed 
to hear- all are one 
only one divine 
life is the admitted 
truth of oneself- utopia...