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natures divine one 

he speaks to me 
ideals- coded- faith 
lace on the out side 
leather on the inside 
always (a zapp of a man) 
he is a man of his 
time- a time behind 
with hindsight i 
he's an active- passive 
straightly taught is he 
family and faith values 
be a sin- if he ever 
the likes of him and me 
be one- yet unfree 
still he speaks to me 
with a wordless harmony 
locked away on the 
outside:yet inside 
is a bare incus between us...free 
(such is the life source 
of ones true nature 
beneath lifes' tree... 


(i wrote this one after watching the movie 
"it's my party"- if taken out of this contex i am sure no one will 
understand that when we care - some care very deeply- so in that tone 
the words) 

               the neglected 

in word, thought,and deed they lived 
they loved and were loved and then came the time 
they became aids infected. 
how many walked away 
how many stayed 
how many died alone 
we just didn't know 
too afraid to care 
wanted no contact 
thought without concern 
couldn't face the truth 
some one in need 
needed our love. 
aids doesn't exist 
it will never be me 
thoses with it deserve it 
 how many turned away 
how many stayed 
so none would be alone 
when the end came 
yes i'll shoulder your head 
cry upon my breast 
shake me with sobs 
 until life is at end 
i'll do what i can my freinds 
to give you tenderness 
and life beyond this worlds breath 
transfer my warm lips 
to your still and cold 
and i'll whisper 
i love you , i'll not forget...amen 


(i've always had a hard time accepting death- as these words say i'll be 
looking past my feelings and extending love as i should have done a long 
time ago)