December 01, 2003

Vithoon Chaomchaipl & Student Union Condoms

That's probably premature. Prostitution can certainly be a good thing.

There's an awful lot of confusing of issues here. Condoms on a campus certainly have nothing to do with the child sex slave trade.

Proper personal hygiene is not a problem, ever.

Student Union leader Vithoon Chaomchaipl was quoted as saying the leadership voted 6-1 against the plan just ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1 because installing machines "is not the best solution to fight the AIDS problem."

Prophylactics are involved in a wide range of protections against a wide range of infections. AIDS is only one of many such infections. Vithoon Chaomchaipl needs to understand the issues before he makes such votes.

It may be that there is an existing system for those who require condoms to get them affordably and conveniently from sources other than government supplied vending machines in the bathroom of the local student union. In which case Chaomchaipl may have a point and his vote was truly considered. On the other hand such a vending machine may be the only potential local affordable and convenient way to obtain condoms. If that is the case then Chaomchaipl's vote is truly ill considered.

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