December 31, 2002

SPAM: Idiots on Patrol

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Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

Josh has it about right here. When the psuedo-potus said, in his own inimical fashion, that North Korea was part of some "Axis of Evil" in 2002's State of the Union speech I recall it being very clear that this would push NK into restarting their nuclear reactors. Apparently Bush never learned elementary theories of enmity.

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The Game of Life and How to Play It

Most people consider life a battle -- but it is not a battle, it is a game.

It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus Christ taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

Caleb writes that Florence Scovel Shinn has something challenging to say in 'The Game of Life and How To Play It.' If the above quote is any indication then Caleb is as confused as Florence.

I'm not exactly sure how Ms. Shinn gets her data but it does seem a stretch to say what most people think. I have discussed these questions with many folks over the years and while, yes, certainly some do see life as a battle it surely is overreaching to say "most" about any considered opinion about what life "is" or "is not."

Current polls in the United States show "most" folks deem George Bush an admirable figure. Most, nee, all the folks I know find him quite loathesome yet it wouldn't be any more accurate "most" folks loathe him than that most folks admire him. Polls and statistics lie just as flimsy writers when trying to make rhetorical flourishes. The truth is, as though a person such as myself or Ms. Shinn could recognize it, that most people don't believe anything in common about what life "is" or "is not".

Anytime someone advises you what life "is" and then tells you how to live it while invoking some religion be wery wery careful my son! They do not have your best interests at heart.

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t.A.T.u & Propaganda

Interesting it is that Trevor Horn compares t.A.T.u to Propaganda. I recently re-discovered Propaganda after having forgotten about them for at least the last decade. I finally ponied up to buy 'A Secret Wish' and have listened to it several times over the last month or so. I'll have to keep an ear open to hear this t.A.T.u when they finally break the airwaves around here. I'm inclined to get it now just to hear their version of the Smith's 'How Soon Is Now.' I was blown away by the version by Snake River Conspiracy and this one promises to be just as unique.

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December 30, 2002

Kama Sutra On the Web

You know you're not in Kansas anymore when an Indian brokerage pays for an online ad on an Indian condom manufacturer's portal.

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Condoms & Scouting

Bangkok's public health ministry announced this week that condoms would be handed out to participants in the 20th World Scout Jamboree on request.

I guess it's safe to say there will be no gay scouts at this event?

"Whose idea was it to pass out condoms? Are they crazy?" asked jamboree director Yuwarat Kamolvej.

I wonder, will these condoms bear the scouting logo?

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December 29, 2002

Lunch Money Victimization Statistics

I can't give you the precise lunch money victimization statistics for various civilian political appointees at the Pentagon, for staffers in the Office of the Vice-President, Richard Perle or even Frank Gaffney. But I suspect most folks who are familiar with these guys will know what I'm getting at. This isn't about blaming America first. It's about making sure America is as smart as she can be in her own interests, about managing the realities of the unipolar world system in ways that most benefit our long-term interests rather than simply doing what we can force through in the near-term. What we're learning is that there's a price you pay for telling everyone else in the world they can #$%& themselves and trying to govern the globe by sporadic applications of blunt force.

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Bush Most Admired American, Poll Finds

A Gallup poll found the nation divided in the contest for "most admired" woman. Among men, President Bush remained the clear favorite for the second year in a row.

Oh please. These people must be on crack. I mean sure he's a traitor to the nation, makes lousy decisions, & is a great bottom but geesh; admired, I don't think so.

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Thongs: How to Put Them On

So I have joined the ranks of the be-thonged. Apparently, not being very observant & on an out of town trip, I am quite clueless when buying underwear. I had not intended to buy the famed and defamed thong type underwear. But I did mistakenly buy a four pack of thongs. After having already opened (ripped) the package I realized that I had a most peculiar set of briefs in hand. At first it was very disorienting. When wearing a normal pair of briefs (why is it that underwear is described as coming in a pair?) the proper way to pull them up is from the front. When put on in that fashion everything gets fitted into place quite nicely. However with thongs that is exactly the wrong way to do it. When you put on a thong pulling it up from the front there is no where for the gonads to go but out and to the side. Surely not a comfortable way to wear one's underwear. It took me a couple of days (being too lazy to go buy some replacements) but it turns out that when putting on the thong one should pull the thong up from the back first. When used in this fashion a nice cup is created for the genitals. If only everything were as simple as this.

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December 28, 2002

Prostitution Should Be Legal

Prostitution should be legal. It is a very simple issue: the actual act, a prostitute and her customer agreeing on an exchange of money for sex, violates no one's rights, and does not directly or demonstrateably necessarily harm anyone else. Thus, it should be legal. However, some people do not seem to have clarity on the issue, and want to bring in lots of personal opinions and hogwash about how prostitution promote drug-use, violence, STDs, etc. In fact, it is anti-prostitution laws which promote all of these things.

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More On Slate's Silly Atheism Straw Man

Mainstream media almost never allows atheist arguments to be heard. That is not true only about overwhelmingly Christian countries like the USA, but also highly secularized countries like Britain or Norway. I assume the reason is that insulting the religious is bad for business. Nobody would be more eager to jump the pen and write irate letters to the editor threatening to cancel subscriptions than irrefutable atheist arguments, so I guess it makes sense.

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Fly Guy

I like this piece. One suggestion though: it might be nice if upon releasing the baby to float down if the guy could catch it on the ground. I had the guy right there to catch the child and the woman was walking by. It would have been very sweet if he caught the child and they embraced. Silly I know.

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Tell Me About It

I often feel more teased than having gotten Really Laid.

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Some Guys Have All the Luck

I kissed a girl tonight. It has been a very very long time since I have kissed a girl. It would figure I would be allergic to her dogs and have one eye watering, shutting out the allergen, while my lungs filled with phlegm. It was very nice. At least the kiss was.

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December 27, 2002


Any rational person can see that the United States does not meet these qualifications by any stretch of the imagination.

And so if one does not agree with your position one is simply irrational. Is that it? Very clever.

It is very obvious to me that the United States is an empire. Now this dildo may be technically right but it also seems fairly obvious that the rise of transnational entities has caused the meaning of empire to go into flux. I would suggest it has been in flux since about the time of the fall of Saigon. I would suggest that when the histories of these days are written the United States will be considered an empire and the dictionary definition will have been brought up to date to reflect the change in the dynamics of power in the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st.

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Dipshit & Salsa

Suppose you're the leader of a nation of nearly 300 million people. You need to pick just a few people to lead new agencies investigating terrorists and terrorist activities, from academic professors to retired generals to former officers of the law. Who do you pick? If they're all war criminals, then you're probably George W. Bush. It's actually proof positive that Republicans are good for the economy - even the most unemployable persons in the entire country have jobs, so everything must be okay!

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Sing, Dance, Rejoice, Corporate Personhood Is Doomed

Sustained it will have to be, for years or decades or even longer: corporations will fight the attack bitterly, but we now know corporate personhood has utterly no basis in law.

This has got to be one of the most exciting things I have read in years. Damn! One of my biggest pet peeves finally answered. Who do I call to force the issue?

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Where is Raed ?

Anyway since it is the season to be merry, here is a funny little story about him: In the early eighties the Iraqi Hunting Club had a new indoor swimming pool built. Quite big and state of the art. They decided to have some sort of a party to announce it[base ']s opening. A nice classy affair. at around eleven Uday [Saddam Hussein's son] comes in with his entourage wearing a white tuxedo and top hat, there is still a photo of him in that tux being printed on calendars but without the top hat, has a couple of drinks, decides that the party is boring and to liven things up a bit commands everyone to jump into the swimming pool, and unleashes his dogs & bodyguards to push people into the pool. Has a good laugh and leaves, A fun guy eh?

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Of Slithy Toves & A Brilliant Snark

Blogs topple Lott? Hmmm. (Doesn't really matter if they did or not, it will go down into history as having happened that way. Maybe those bloggers should do some of that "journalism" to see if it really happened that way.)

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December 26, 2002

Of Race & Imagination

by Shelby Steele

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The Atheist Christmas Challenge

Have you ever noticed how insecure folks are on the subject of deity? Athiests ask the religious folks to prove God exists. God fearing folk ask athiests to prove God doesn't exist.

Pretty silly if you ask me. You didn't.

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Gay, bisexual women take more risks than gay men

Lindley said that previous studies have shown that bisexuals tend to adopt more risky behaviors than both lesbians and gay men.

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Teens, Sex, and the 'Santa Claus Effect'

I don't recall my teenage years being full of plans for coitus over the holidays. But I know we sell a lot of condoms over the holidays. My customers tell me they hope to get lucky when they get back home. I assume they hope to hook up with that old flame still available somewhere in the old home town.

Who knows, that may just yet happen to me!?! lol I mean afterall I am in my old home town this week.

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December 22, 2002

J.C. Leyendecker

the Golden Boy of American Illustration.

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The Gay Mafia Agenda

Chris Morris writes that there is a gay mafia conspiring to keep gays in ghettos so that unscrupulous gay capitalists will have a captive market along with high profits. Hhhhhhhmmmmmm.

Paul Richert, in 1995, wrote that a Jewish Gayish Alliance had taken over hollywood. Of course his perspective is highly suspect since he can't even fact check his article enough to know that David Geffen is named David and not Sandy. Of course this piece was also run by the American Nationalist Union, a fascist organization if there ever was one, so the chances are pretty nil Mr. Richert can give any assistance in describing the actual agenda of the gay mafia. Hhhhhhhmmmm,

Luke Ford has written a great profile of the Michael Ovitz contretemps about his ouster & the gay mafia. Ford's piece is especially helpful in that he has gathered a great number of quotes from players in the gay mafia derived from pieces in publications like Daily Variety, The New York Times, LA Weekly, Vanity Fair, & the Los Angeles Times. But in the end it's hard to know what to really make of this piece. It's rather obvious that Mr. Ford sees gays gathering in closets and under beds to conspire against all the heterosexuals out there in the world. To be honest I blew cheerios out my nose when I realized Mr. Ford's agenda. But alas I am no closer to discovering the actual agenda of the gay mafia.

Phill writes that the gay agenda may have something to do with compulsory dress wearings but he's not sure as noone has come to fill him in on the details.

Fred Martinez seems to be confused about what constitutes freedom of speech. Apparently an over achiever given to hyperbole Mr. Martinez compares Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson to Nazis based on an interaction between them and George Will on some news magazine. Apparently Mr. Martinez slept through his history classes or went to school at Holocaust Revisionism High as he doesn't seem to grasp the difference between Cokie Roberts and Goebbels.

Patrick Mallon loves to be clever by using such fetching terms as "switch hits" when describing an obviously biased San Francisco Chronicle as it covers stories about the Catholic sexual abuse sage currently being played out on the national stage. Of course Mr. Mallon writes for Bush Country, a publication which obviously has a set shelf life built into the masthead of every issue. Unless of course we end up with reanimated Bush head running through country fiat much in the same way Futurama was visited upon by a reanimated Al Gore. If that's the case perhaps we can just go ahead and change the name of the United States to Bush Country and get rid of all this pretense to something besides a monarchy.

Now we're getting somewhere. Jerry Falwell has written a piece laying out key portions of the gay agenda, how the mafia is winning, and exactly what book can be held responsible for this agenda! Yea paydirt!

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Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?

I can never prove that my child went breech because of what happened to us at the airport. But I'll always believe it. Wrongly or rightly, I'll forever think of how this man, the personification of this system, has affected the lives of my family and me. When my wife is sliced open, I'll be thinking of him. When they remove her uterus from her abdomen and lay it on her stomach, I'll be thinking of him. When I visit her and my child in the hospital instead of having them with me here in our home, I'll be thinking of him. When I assist her to the bathroom while the incision heals internally, I'll be thinking of him.

There are plenty of stories like this these days. I don't know how many I've read where the writer describes some breach of civil liberties by employees of the state, then wraps it all up with a dire warning about what we as a nation are becoming, and how if we don't put an end to it now, then we're in for heaps of trouble. Well you know what? Nothing's going to stop the inevitable. There's no policy change that's going to save us. There's no election that's going to put a halt to the onslaught of tyranny. It's here already - this country has changed for the worse and will continue to change for the worse. There is now a division between the citizenry and the state. When that state is used as a tool against me, there is no longer any reason why I should owe any allegiance to that state.

And that's the first thing that child of ours is going to learn.

It has come to my attention that this has been referenced at Snopes. Nothing definitive about this except the fine folks at Snopes expressing doubt about the credibility of the story. I wonder has anyone contacted the author?

Well now it gets more interesting. It turns out that Kehaar has contacted the authorities at PDX to question the validity of this story. They confirm that some event took place with Mr. Monahan. Of course there are two sides to every story. No doubt there is still much to be known about this.

The Arizona Republic reports of numerous women who have been groped during pat downs when attempting to go through security checks. Apparently a boy got ill after being forced by airport security to drink some water he was carrying. And a Michigan paper reported in November about students being sexually frisked in airports over the last year.

Then a lawyer, Doug Litowitz, who does civil rights work has attempted to contact Mr. Nicholas Monahan in case he is still seeking redress.

One thing I was extremely concerned about in the article were the comments made about the ACLU, which I read to be a bunch of nonsense and in turn made me doubtful of the whole story. I have found this concerning the policies of the ACLU in taking cases which alleviates my concerns.

Here's some instructions for end-users when getting patted down during security checks at airports.

Nicholas Monahan does not have much of a presence on the web but a play of his was mentioned.

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December 21, 2002

Abstinence Succeeds in Africa Despite Condom Lobby

We are told ad nauseam by the Condom Lobby that people, especially youngsters, cannot possibly control themselves when it comes to their sexual appetites, even in the face of AIDS infection and death. We are also told that condoms are the panacea for this dread disease. The Condom Lobby is loath to speak about sexual abstinence and marital fidelity.

What a bunch of hoooey! I am a professional in the condom lobby and I have never said these things. I know of not one person I deal with either professionally or personally who holds these views. I write & talk about sexual abstinence & marital fidelity almost every day. I am fully aware that anyone and everyone is able to control all their appetites, sexual and otherwise, on a regular basis, Noone ever uses the words panacea, AIDS, and condoms in the same sentence except ignorant boobs like Austin Ruse.

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Woman Beheaded After Being Warned to Wear the Burqa

Three young women have been killed, one beheaded, in Indian-controlled Kashmir, days after posters appeared in the state ordering Muslim women to wear burqas.

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December 20, 2002

More On Vegan Condoms

It has come to my attention that it may be a while before Condomi's vegan condoms make it to US shores. You may recall I was quoted in Newsweek some years ago on the subject. (I can't seem to find a link to it right now - I'll dig it up.) In the meantime I am told that Mayer Labs condoms are not produced with any animal products.

I will doing more research on this and will report back later. Be sure you understand though when looking for vegan condoms that there is no regulatory regime in place in the US that produces any kind of certification for vegan condoms so standards have yet to be set. Vegan condoms are like rocket science in that respect, we're talking condoms at the edge baby!

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Girl's Got Rhythm

It's true I did nothing but complain about the legal disclaimer and design. Carly. Good thing too as you have made some welcome changes. I can actually read your site now. And with the advent of an RSS feed I just may read it regularly. Go girl!

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Playboy Models Losing Hourglass Figures

Surely those who choose to be Playboy models are so self selecting that such a study couldn't possibly be used to actually speak to any changes in the female form. But it is an interesting niche to find body figure data among reams of Playboys. I wonder has anyone ever done any studies on Playmate careers, dreams, turn ons, turn offs, etc. It would be nifty to know, for instance, that in 1950 these women dreamed of becoming nurses and nowadays they dream of becoming doctors.

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Trent Lott As Political Manque

Daniel is correct of course when he says, of Lott, that he lost it [his leadership position in the Senate] two weeks ago, he just wouldn't accept it. This closely follows Andrew's observation that Lott is not unlike a character in Monty Python.

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Two Things with K

Last night K finally talked me into beginning her programming lessons. She wrote her first hello world! script in perl. She was very excited!

I began learning when I was about 6 so she, being 8, is not far behind my learning curve. But I suspect that she'll prove to be much better than I.

Also last night she looked at the back of the new U2 CD 'The Best of 1990-2000' and said, "Who are these guys?" I said, "They are the members of a rock band called U2." She said, "They look weird. They don't look like a rock band at all."

Go figure. (I suspect there are many who would agree with her on that point.)

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Some Administration Stuff

I am currently very busy on a complete redesign of this site. I am going to merge several of my web properties into one overall CMS with safer sex becoming one channel of the entire site. In the process of doing this I am consolidating several different methods I have used to manage all of this. I expect sometime in the first couple of months of January to do the launch on this. Stay tuned!

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December 19, 2002

Money Shot (Popular Title)

Our center of attention alights on the stern Emma Peel-ish girl sitting casually on the beach chair, daring us to derail her mission of style. Note the thin cut of the arms and the long hem of the pants. Amidst the non-chalant nakedness of those around her, her exhibitionistic denial implies complete control.

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Charles Krauthammer

The Lott issue revived the charge of Republican racism and thus jeopardized the party's drive for majority status.

I hear this complaint often. Exactly when does this quest for majority status get finished? I would think with control of the Senate, the House, & the Presidency Republicans would feel confident in their majority status.

Apparently these Republicans are an insecure lot. Perhaps that helps to explain Lott's imminent exit stage left. I suspect when they have "convinced" the rest of us to go along so that the party's drive succeeds I'll know longer be worried about what exactly a drive to majority status means or when the Republicans are going to get off their collective "victimhood" ass and grow spines.

Krauthammer's remarks are remarkably observant. Republican's are wanna be fascists with an insecurity complex a mile long. One that won't even allow them to see what a massive influence they hold over large swaths of the globe. Majority status, my ass!

If the Republican party wants to grow a spine it needs to purge itself of the rascists and the homophobes and quit yammering about it.

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Fairness & Deportation & Gender

I see that I'm not the only one to notice the gender issue.

It seems indefensible to me that the INS should be able to run these sting operations as it is. If these folks, including both Jews & Arabs, were in some kind of process where the government knew where they were and their residency status was in process then it's just mean spirited to turn around and arrest people under such circumstances.

I have no doubt it is legal. But it's not right. It's not fair.

But aside from all of that why is it that only men were called into the INS offices?

Jeanne Butterfield, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, gives me pause. I wonder if these INS moves are to clear backlog in the immigration service? Reynold's writes that this may be yet another small sign of coming war, and a preemption effort aimed at catching terrorist sleepers.

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Trent Lott on BET

"He took me for his housemaid," she said to herself as she ran. "How surprised he'll be when he finds out who I am! But I'd better take him his fan and gloves--that is, if I can find them."

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Jungle Fever Grips Downtown

One time, when I was in mandatory re-hab, I met this girl that I sort of hit it off with. I mean, she had an old man that would do shit to her like fuck her sister and steal the money for her cancer medications and spend it at that titty bar with all the reclining chairs and over at Casino Niagara. She hated the motherfucker and everyone in meetings would always say shit like "I know we don't 'sposed to judging and shit up in here, but damn bitch why you let him slap you around and steal yo shit all doze years? I'd be left that sorry motherfucker at the curb."

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Ed Cone On Trent Lott, et al.

blacks vote Democratic because the GOP keeps chasing them away, not because the current black Dem "leaders" are so compelling.

Not being black I would be loathe to make such a statement. But it sounds like it has the ring of truth. I know, being a sexual minority, that I do not feel at all comfortable in the Republican party.

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Neurotic Oasis

We have ordered Italian food from a restaurant called Bing. It used to be called Bada-Bing, but they have changed their name. I guess the owners did not want visions of mobsters dancing in customers' heads. But it sucks, really, that they had to change their name. I mean, it's like being named Frodo Baggins in 1940 and then, years later, being forced to change your name because people giggle when they swipe your credit card through the reader or see your name tag at conferences.

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Clinton On Lott & the Republicans

Clinton: I think that's up to them. But I think that they can't say it with a straight face. How can they jump all over him when they're out there repressing and trying to run black voters away from polls and to run on the Confederate flag in Georgia and South Carolina. Look at their whole record. The others, how can they attack him? He just embarrassed them by saying in Washington what they do on the back roads every day.

Well yea it's true that the Republican party has for many a decade now relied upon racial animosity to make power. But then again so have the Democrats. I agree with the gist if what Clinton is saying here but to be sure he is being quite hyperbolic about the whole thing. I know of many republicans over the years who were/are not rascist at all. Considering the recent events with Lott it is pretty obvious that both Sullivan and Reynolds have approached this whole thing from an honest position of wanting the Republicans to tackle the parties rascist past by purging Lott. I'd suggest it would take a lot more than simply purging Lott to do this but it's a start, and most importantly it is an honest start. I don't believe such honesty can be had from either Clinton or Bush. But all of that being said Clinton is correct that they have much to answer for. I'd suggest the next campaign cycle will be very interesting. I'm waiting to see who the Republican will be who reverts to form and attempts to use race as a boogie against their opponent.

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What Part of No Do You Not Understand

I have been listening quite a bit lately to the new Frou Frou and the new Wallflowers album.

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Democrats Blast New Condom Advisory

On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site, the condom fact sheet had said that refraining from sex was the best way to prevent transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases. The old version went on to say: ''But for those who have sexual intercourse, latex condoms are highly effective when used consistently and correctly.''

The recently posted version focuses on HIV along with other sexually transmitted diseases. In its introduction, the fact sheet now says that condoms ''can reduce the risk of STD transmission. However, no protective method is 100 percent effective, and condom use cannot guarantee absolute protection against any STD.''

Now I agree that it was extremely ill-advised to pull the former advisory down without having a new one to put in its place. And I definately see that politics are taking the place of science in setting agendas. But to be sure it is true that there is no prophylactic method which provides 100 percent effectiveness against any STD except for abstinance. I agree with some of the fuss but to be sure this sounds like members of the Democratic party are making such a critique to make hay. And it is not becoming.

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December 18, 2002

the alison stand-up

before that, i'd not thought it possible to go in reverse for so very long.

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is exactly correct about this. If such a cartoon were presented with some other minority the editors surely would have killed the cartoon before it ever made it into the paper.

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Bill would require women to go through a trial before an abortion and obtain death warrant

Even Georgia abortion opponents are criticizing a bill that would force women who want an abortion to go through a trial and have a judge sign a death warrant for an "execution."

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Daily Grind

Susannah points out the Daily Grind which is all very well and good but the site doesn't have much value since it is designed to actually prevent you from reading it.

1. First it has one of those disclaimers because it has, or may have, some nudity or penetration (gasp) and so you have to click through to get to the actual reading material. Now I don't have any pre-determined problem with a splash screen but all things being equal a splash screen should at least be entertaining or have some sort of cool quotient. Perhaps Pornblography does actually have some sort of purient photography or videos or something but the legalese at the front does seem to be overkill.

2. Second the web page is basically built to prevent you from actually reading it. The content is not presented in any syndicated form so the reader is forced to peruse it through the designers interface. The interface leaves much to be desired. Not only is the content presented in a framed window which only covers a percentage of the browser window but it has some kind of nifty-jerky javascript scroll bar which is so sluggish it makes it physically painful to try and actually read.

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December 17, 2002

The Emerging Pornographic Majority

Americans love their porn. It's timeless, instant, and recession proof. Pornography is the basis for a multibillion dollar industry that services the sexual desires and needs of thousands. Pornography is the catalyst of technology, from the much-documented triumph of the VHS format over Betamax, to the modern expansion of DVDs and the Internet. RealNetworks and Microsoft count pornographers among their biggest consumers for their streaming video products. Hotel chains and multimillion dollar telecommunications giants like AT&T; derive a significant portion of their income from the delivery of adult films via satellite and high speed lines. The widespread distribution of porn is the triumph of the free market system.

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This Is Why I Love Susannah!

to me, sex is the least interesting aspect of all of this. what is interesting is the concept of taking one of the last remaining taboos in a culture that has left almost nothing co-opted, wedding it to an emerging media that is still young enough to not have been entirely ravaged by big industry commericalism, and finding out what is spawned when you remove censorious impulses, economic limitations, and homogenizing influences. so, why blog safely? if you do, you'll just end up one more dead body in meatspace thinking that it's alive. and we don't want that. now, do we?

Now if she could just learn how to justify her text I'm afraid I'd have her child.

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Dan Burton Questions the Insanity

Wouldn't it be wonderful if, twenty years from now, we could look back at law-and-order Dan Burton's conversion as the "Nixon goes to China" turning point of the drug war?

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Endurance Condoms

Surveys indicate that 30 percent of men single out premature ejaculation as their most common sexual problem, so it's no surprise that climax-control condoms have quickly become the fastest-growing segment of the condom market.

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December 16, 2002

GI Janes flaunt their sports bras as body search arrives in cultural minefield of Afghan frontier

Some etiquette is evolving. Now American female soldiers start gun raids in Afghanistan by bounding out of helicopters and stripping down to their sports bras. Only then do they take village women aside to be searched. It is a quick way to prove their femininity to Afghan elders unaccustomed to seeing women in trousers. I reckon it must leave quite a few of the old boys slack-jawed and goggle-eyed.

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The Legend of Strom's Remorse

Trent Lott repeated the lie at his Dec. 13 press conference.

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Sexual Mechanics

The stupid boys elicited a completely different response. They didn't want someone to listen, they wanted someone to tell them they weren't idiots. The problem was, they were idiots. I couldn't believe anyone would ever have sex with them.

I certainly know about this. I have guys who will call over and over asking what the percentage is of this or this ailment. They ask the same questions over and over obviously not listening. They seek assurance but can't seem to get their heads around the concept of personal responsibility and so they just loop through the crisis.

Of course the ones that are masturbating and breathing heavily into the phone are always fun! ; -P

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CD-R & I & I

I am finally joining the ranks of the rip'n'burn crowd. Today I bought a pack of CD-Rs so I can start turning my vast collection of music into gifts for folks. Over a decade ago I used to make cassette tapes for my friends on a regular basis. Well one thing led to another, I haven't used cassette tapes in many years, and so I dropped making cassettes sometime in '91 or so. Now I just need to make labels and it's good to go!

I'm also signing up for the great record "companies 'r crooks" dispersal of a court settlement for overcharging. Apparently what the market will bare is a rather loose concept. While I would no doubt love to have that whole $20 bill I'm pretty much certain it would be better for the money to go to charity.

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Racine: Drop Electronic Music Concert Citations

The ACLU on Friday agreed to represent the Racine Ravers, all 445 of them. Pete Karas has been >covering the >unfolding events since at least November 23rd.

The ACLU has confirmed that it will be representing everyone that was ticketed. This is a major milestone. The ACLU gets hundreds and thousands of requests each year. Due to time and budget constraints, they can only take on a small fraction of cases each year.

Hopefully that 50k new members the ACLU has gotten since Bush & the boyz began in earnest to turn the country into a police state will help these numbers. If there are thousands of requests for assistance against police misconduct every year then cases like this one, and the recent case of similar nonsense in Houston need to be forcefully met with the full brunt of the law so this type of fascist nonsense goes away. Imagine that going to concert and getting a $100 fine simply for being there. Pish posh!

Instapundit has written several posts about this story.

This is a great pic of the court house where all the ne'er do well ravers gathered to plead not guilty. Especially poignant is the sign for the Racine Symphony. The city will hire special prosecutors (due to the sheer numbers of cases involved) from, no doubt, out of town and money that should have gone to the Symphony will get pissed down the drain. Whoever it is in charge out there in Racine ought to get run out of town on a rail. Next time I have the good fortune to travel to Racine for business or pleasure I think I'll stay as far as possible from Racine.

Talkleft has a pretty good run down on the events of the Rave as well as some good pointers for additional information from groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance.

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December 15, 2002

Now is the Winter of Our Dissent

Muslims will be expected to either support "Islam" or to remain silent when atrocities are committed in our name. The silence is already evident: where is the outcry against Amina Lawal's death sentence in Nigeria, or Hashim Aghajari's in Iran, or about the senseless killings in Mombasa and Bali?

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Critical Flaws

There's nothing like abundance to reveal repetition, and there's an astonishing abundance of cultural criticism these days -- in magazines and newspapers, on Web sites and blogs, even (if you cast a broad net) on television. High demand has led to mass production, with a few basic archetypes of the cultural essay dominating the field. If you removed the five or 10 most abused forms of criticism, there would be a deafening silence. Or perhaps room for other kinds of commentary to grow. Some basic archetypes of the form, or Cultural Commentary in 10 Easy Lessons:

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Gentleman George Mahood

can so write dude! It's as if he uses a pencil or something writerly like that. It's as though he takes the image of the guy with his pencil very seriously.

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State of the single woman

...Somehow when the notion of the single woman walks in the door, all common sense flies out the window. An assortment of recent books about or related to single women can't, despite their best efforts, shake a tone of defensiveness and melancholy.

Lara Miller does just what she derides when she writes if a single woman is "lucky enough not to want kids". What a peculiarly pathetic statement. Some folks are desirous to have kids and some folks are not. Luck, want, and defensiveness seem to go hand in hand in Miller's piece.

If I were her editor I'd ask her to take the piece back and rethink it.

Wants are not dictated by luck. Wants do not readily translate to facts. Just because one of these young single middle class American women in Miller's piece don't "want" kids really has very little bearing on whether they have kids.

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Will Shortz - Enigmatologist

I'm glad to see that Will Shortz is still finding his way in the world. Years ago as a boy I spent many an hour pouring through Games Magazine. If it were still around I have no doubt I'd be doing so now and sharing it with my daughter. Now we listen to him on Sunday mornings on KCRW. I don't ever read the New York Times but apparently he is the crossword puzzle editor there.

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Al Gore on SNL

I tend to agree with Tom Tomorrow here. I was blown away by the entire show. My opinion of Al Gore went up in spades last night. I think the ability to laugh at oneself and the ability to sling mud in an ironic and humorous fashion are two indispensable attributes of a politician.

IMHO politicians have to be among those who can be trusted to at least listen to what others have to say. Surely if nothing else the ability to listen is a primary skill set for those I want as my representatives in Washington and being able to mock oneself has to be related to listening.

That being said I can easily see George Bush mocking himself in such a fashion but I daresay Trent Lott has always had such a stick up his ass I couldn't even imagine him getting on SNL and performing such self mocking skits.

If this is going to be the tenor and modus for Gore's next campaign we are surely going to be in for a romp! natch! Gore's not gonna run! I'm looking at Dean.

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Beauty and Death

As greater sophistication and feminist criticism eroded the contest's old audience in the West, the Miss World organisers have responded by concentrating on Third World countries that saw the event as an opportunity to raise their profile internationally. This was bound to lead to controversy and cultural clashes: the contrast between Miss World glitz and local poverty was embarrassing, and conservative local values were often offended.

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Help Me Leave My Husband

My husband has moved up in rank in the past few years and our financial situation has improved greatly. But we are now faced with some huge challenges as a result of the impending split. Since I have stayed home with my girls I was obviously unable to establish a career. Now that we are divorcing, I am in the position of having to figure out what to do for income.  I used to be a veterinary technician but the pay wouldn't be substantial to raise a family on (not to mention the high cost of daycare). With my "medical" background in mind, and the fact that I have discovered that nurses are in great demand right now, I have chosen to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. 

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December 14, 2002

Technical Difficulties

Singin to the choir here bub! Let it reign!

Seriously though I find it downright spooky how accurate this little flash is. And the soundtrack, wow! Jimi would surely be turning over in his grave to know that his sound so completely matches the fucked up state of Dubya's Amerikkka (thanks Trent!)

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Simply one of the best observations about living in LA ever! Duh.

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Ask Lutz. Biz Did!

Is it appropriate for Lisa Lutz to offer reviews of Biz Stone books through Amazon when she obviously is making it with him?

I mean if she just gave him a hand job or something that might be okay but obviously they are butt buddies and this makes any positive review she might make about his writing to be a bit suspect.

Please advise.

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December 13, 2002

Trent Lott

must remove himself from his position as leader. This could be very nasty.

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Sullivan Seems Convinced He Keeps the Blogosphere Running

You've heard me before so I'll cede to a reader on why it's important to keep the blogosphere running.

Andrew Sullivan, who apparently makes $6000 a month from running his site, is running a pledge week to make it worth his while to keep his writing available on his website. Now I am all for he, and anyone else, making a living from their words but this seems a bit suspect to me. He has such interesting, and sometimes infuriating, things to say. But his web site does not "keep the blogosphere running" no matter how big his ego may have gotten over the last year or so.

I run websites which are pretty popular themselves and I think I have a fair idea of his expenses. If indeed he makes $6000 a month, as he has declared, then he is making a fair wage for his efforts. It would be great if he could make twice that. I wish him luck with that. But please sir don't make comparisons between the health of your web efforts and that of the blogoshpere as a whole. There are many reasons why you write. Only one of them is money and you are already making more money per month than the majority of folks in the country. Don't lose site of what you are doing or give yourself more credit than is your due. It's not becoming.

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December 12, 2002

Rock-ribbed Republican -- and anti-Bush

"Both Ashcroft and President Bush have departed from their earlier emphasis on protecting privacy and have really become statists, who want to impose the power of the state on us to surveil us and also to prevent any dissent," says the ACLU's Steinhardt. "They're certainly not conservatives when it comes to wielding the powers of the state."

In fact, says Steinhardt, the real conservatives are now ... the ACLU. "We think of ourselves as the most conservative organization in America," he says. "We're dedicated to preserving the values of an 18th century document."

- Michelle Goldberg

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An Appeal from a Library in Nigeria

I don't normally post email I receive to this website because, well, there is just so damn much of it. But this email coincides perfectly with a project I have been developing so I'm going to go ahead and publish this:

I am Nduka Ozor a UN online partner on assignment for Mgbala Agwa - a Nigerian based non-partisan, non-profit NGO - in search of condoms donations for our HIV awareness programs. The donations will contribute in creating awareness on the most crucial problems of the region which has more than 450,000 residents.

For this purpose, we need kind spirited organisations for donations of condoms and books to stock our newly opened library .

  • HIV/ AIDS and other sexual related infections
  • Poverty Alleviations
  • Environmental Protections
  • Youths Empowerments.
Unfortunately, since the library does not yet have a computer, we are unable to access PDF and other electronic files, so at this stage we are attempting to gather print materials. Hence, I would like to obtain from you information, resources, brochures or books on the previously mentioned endemics. All kinds of donations will be highly appreciated including library equipment such as: computers, reading lamps, fans, pens, photocopier machine, etc..

For further information or enquiries please feel free to contact me or the following contact:

[email protected] ( Coordinator - Ozor Nduka )
Phone: 234 1 4925569
Fax: 234 1 4925569
Best Regards,
Nduka Ozor
On- Line Volunteer
Mgbala Agwa Youth Forum
United Nations Volunteer Program

Library Mailing Address:


Mgbala Agwa Youth Forum

C/0 Mr. Ozor Nduka (Coordinator)

42 Ifekoya Str. Dopemu Agege Lagos


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Good Things in Readership Decline & Other Stuff

The great thing about being left out of all Salon Blogs tours of quality (whatever that means) is that readership on this log has gone downhill lately. Such a relief! For a while there I feared I would be expected to post something of quality here. But then again who wants to read my mental masturbation anyway?

Chris Gulker is doing a sort of research project on traffic among Radio managed websites. I wonder if I am a celebrity or is it just because of my sex that I have such a highly trafficked site? lol

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DaveNet : Weblogs in Meatspace

A weblog conference, for bloggers, about weblogs, itself a weblog, for learning, exploring, promoting and developing ideas about technology for the humanities.

This is definately something I would be interested in attending. Hopefully such a thing would be held in the San Francisco area because if it is too far away I'm afraid I'd have to pass.

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December 10, 2002

Ezrael: I'm sure someone else has thought of this...

I've decided to take my own small action against this whole Information Security Agency bullshit. I don't like it, I smell the whiff of fascism (or is that brimstone?) and so I plan to non-violently protest it in the following manner: Every day, I will endeavor to say, email, or otherwise express over an electronic media something at least suspicious, if not actually subversive. I believe this is my duty as an American, a follower of Thomas Paine, a lover of liberty. (And, I admit, a giant iconoclastic pain in the ass.) I encourage anyone else out there to participate. It doesn't matter how you do it...even if you are in no way in danger of being traceable or having your email read, do it just to be part of the spirit. As an example: The plutonium will be delivered to the warehouse tonight. Obviously, I am not involved in any exchange of plutonium. I would be dead if I even had any...but now they'll have to pay attention to my idiotic little website.

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December 07, 2002

Metafilter: Link & Think 2002.

Metafilter: Link & Think 2002. As they did last year Metafilter has a great selection of topics gathered together on World AIDS Day. Whether it's links to personal sites with rememberances of those who have died or pointing to a very scary future under the AIDS epidemic you will be sure to find some fascinating reading at Metafilter.

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Hello world!

Hi sweety. Can you take down your bloomers?

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No More Land No MatterNo

No More Land No Matter
No More Land Matters More

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The Latest Kissinger Outrage -

The Latest Kissinger Outrage - Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?.

    - Christopher Hitchens

When in office, Henry Kissinger organized massive deceptions of Congress and public opinion. The most notorious case concerned the "secret bombing" of Cambodia and Laos and the unleashing of unconstitutional methods by Nixon and Kissinger to repress dissent from this illegal and atrocious policy. But Sen. Frank Church's commission of inquiry into the abuses of U.S. intelligence, which focused on illegal assassinations and the subversion of democratic governments overseas, was given incomplete and misleading information by Kissinger, especially on the matter of Chile. Rep. Otis Pike's parallel inquiry in the House (which brought to light Kissinger's personal role in the not-insignificant matter of the betrayal of the Iraqi Kurds, among other offenses) was thwarted by Kissinger at every turn, and its eventual findings were classified. In other words, the new "commission" will be chaired by a man with a long, proven record of concealing evidence and of lying to Congress, the press, and the public.

I'm feeling you Christopher. But please, you're trying to put an awful lot of stuff into a very awkward and stilting paragraph; your audience requires a surer hand. Often a writer will resort to an arbitrary list of, say, 5 items in a vain attempt to impose cogentability (2-bit word) on a detailed argument. It's such a tiresome tactic. You really hit it later on though:

There is a tendency, some of it paranoid and disreputable, for the citizens of other countries and cultures to regard President Bush's "war on terror" as opportunist and even as contrived. I myself don't take any stock in such propaganda. But can Congress and the media be expected to swallow the appointment of a proven coverup artist, a discredited historian, a busted liar, and a man who is wanted in many jurisdictions for the vilest of offenses? The shame of this, and the open contempt for the families of our victims, ought to be the cause of a storm of protest.

I know I'm all a'storm!

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Read Comments. Read Comments being

Read Comments. Read Comments being right wing
I can't believe I forget this from last night. Laura and I were being sooo right wing. We sold a lot of people on our tax plans. For instance, there's the rape tax

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