December 13, 2002

Sullivan Seems Convinced He Keeps the Blogosphere Running

You've heard me before so I'll cede to a reader on why it's important to keep the blogosphere running.

Andrew Sullivan, who apparently makes $6000 a month from running his site, is running a pledge week to make it worth his while to keep his writing available on his website. Now I am all for he, and anyone else, making a living from their words but this seems a bit suspect to me. He has such interesting, and sometimes infuriating, things to say. But his web site does not "keep the blogosphere running" no matter how big his ego may have gotten over the last year or so.

I run websites which are pretty popular themselves and I think I have a fair idea of his expenses. If indeed he makes $6000 a month, as he has declared, then he is making a fair wage for his efforts. It would be great if he could make twice that. I wish him luck with that. But please sir don't make comparisons between the health of your web efforts and that of the blogoshpere as a whole. There are many reasons why you write. Only one of them is money and you are already making more money per month than the majority of folks in the country. Don't lose site of what you are doing or give yourself more credit than is your due. It's not becoming.

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