August 19, 2003

Naked in History

I too only recently began wearing clothes.

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August 18, 2003

Lots of New Developments

Okay after several attempts to get a blog started for my business we are finally out of the blocks. The condomBlog is going to be an attempt to build a sort of k-log for Condomania. We are after all the leading authority in everything condom worldwide. When the United Nations needs help to find the proper condoms for pygmies who do they turn to? Why Condomania of course. And when the CDC is training their staff on condom usage who do they turn to? Why Condomania of course. (I could go on all day like this) Anyway we have all of this knowledge built up in our staff and are finally going to be sharing some of that with our customers (and hopefully soon our readers as well) So if you want learn about the condom business, read about our adventures in the sex industry, and have some fun in the process check out our new condomBlog. Which will soon be migrating to its own domain.

Now for the most exciting news. Condomania launched on Friday the first custom sized condoms in the world: They-Fit condoms. You can expect to learn lots about this in the press over the next few months. Up until today the notion of condoms being anything other than one size fits all has essentially been standard operating procedure for both the manufacture and marketing of condoms. Well no more!!!

I'm going to have lots of stuff to write about this development over the next few weeks. I am currently interviewing the engineer behind all of this and should have that posted sometime soon. I am also developing some nifty tools to help me get to the bottom of this whole penis size issue. Whoo whoo! Stay tuned.

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August 17, 2003

That Ill Fellow With the Bubble Butt

for Hugh.

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Darwin's Mate Competition

A lot of diversity in sexuality was covered quite admirably by Oiliva Judson in her book Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation as she takes on describing much of current knowledge in evolutionary biology. The University of California Press is set to release soon a book called Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People by Joan Roughgarden. In this book she is apparently taking on Darwin and his writings on sex and sexuality. With the spate of recent movement on this topic I am looking forward to Roughgarden's book. I don't know why but it seems completely appropriate for this latest round of seeking out the role of homsexuality in nature would arise from lesbian Japanese monkeys.

Among the titles to be added to my reading list include:

  • Bruce Bagemihl: Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity
  • Joan Roughgarden: Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People
  • Leonard Shlain: Sex, Time, and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution

    UPDATE Bonus link: Paul Vasey's Mate Competition Survey

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  • August 15, 2003

    Today Is International

    Fair & Balanced Day

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    August 11, 2003

    Filled With What?

    Arnold S. is said to be "a condom stuffed full of walnuts." But who said that? How does someone become a condom of walnuts. I was completely nonplussed by Arnold's roll out of his campaign. I would have been inclined to vote for him in a clear race between him and Gray Davis. But his opportunism in the face of the avarice of Darrell Issa really turns me off. Arnold said he supported George W. Bush in 2000 but "it would have been better if he had really won, instead of through the courts.

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    August 06, 2003

    More Missives from Outer Space


    I'm a time traveler stuck here in 2003. Upon arriving here my dimensional warp generator stopped working. I trusted a company here by the name of LLC Lasers to repair my Generation 3 52 4350A watch unit, and they fled on me. I am going to need a new DWG unit, prefereably the rechargeable AMD wrist watch model with the GRC79 induction motor, four I80200 warp stabilizers, 512GB of SRAM and the menu driven GUI with front panel XID display.

    I will take whatever model you have in stock, as long as its received certification for being safe on carbon based life forms.

    In terms of payment: I don't have any Galactic Credits left. Payment can be made in platinum gold or 2003 currency upon safe delivery of unit.

    INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY: Please transport unit in either a brown paper bag or box to below coordinates on Wednesday August 6th at (exactly 5:00pm) Eastern Standard Time on the dot. A few minutes prior will be ok, but it cannot be after. If you miss this timeframe please email me. I will not be there prior to 4:45pm EST, so do not transport before then.

    Item is to be delivered at (out of service tennis court) located at: Latitude N 42.47935 & Longitude W 071.17355 and the Elevation is 119.


    If in doubt do not transport actual unit until your method of transfer can be confirmed as a success. You just might need to send a intergalactic courier to deliver item safely to me. If so be VERY careful at how they approach me IN MY WHITE CAR.

    After unit has been delivered please email me with payment instructions.

    Thank You

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    August 05, 2003

    Training the Neighbors

    For the last few years, across the alley, a school for actors has plied its trade. Normally our paths do not cross.

    Once or twice a summer one of the thespians will begin cussing and screaming. The open windows and the still night air carry the sound as though the rest of the city is silent.

    I walk across the alley and yell at them. The little one gets nervous when I do. I hear her being uncomfortable up in her window overlooking the alley.

    When this started the actors would puff up and deny that they yelled. Quizzical looks followed gentle queries about the profanity. Then stonewalling and protestations to the longevity of the actors' school would roll out from the gathered faces.

    "We're sorry," they say as they close the window. Of course my queries are not so gentle any more.

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    Medical Ethics Question

    I run a listserv with about 500 folks on it. I have recently discovered that one of the members, a medical doctor associated with NAMI, seem to be using the board for the purpose of garnering customers for his therapy business. I have no proof of this yet but all signs point to this being the case.

    He recently approached me and asked a few questions about my personal life to which I responded. No big deal. He apparently felt as though my responses were not honest enough and he pushed, to the point of insult, for me to be more honest with him. I responded with some annoyance to which he began attacking me verbally for my apparent disregard for his long years of service and expertise.

    I don't personally care about any of this. The guy is obviously a troll. However now i am faced with what to do about him on the list. I can of course simply remove him. If he is a troll with time on his hands this of course will do no good as he'll simply resub under another identity.

    I have approached the state to learn more about the laws under which a physician operates when involved online. It looks like I need very concrete proof of this guys behavior to justify an inquiry.

    Oh bother. I'm inclined to just post some of his comments attached to his name and let his colleagues sort him out.

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    August 04, 2003

    Old Sheets

    Tonight I threw away a pair of sheets from the early nineties. I haven't paid them any heed since 1997. They were stained and filthy. Blood from K's mother, our accumulated wet spots, and our body oils engrained into the sheets had left a cream color smeared across what were once my favorite sheets.

    Slowly but surely over time I am purging the various pieces of her hold on my life.

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    August 03, 2003

    Gay Marriage & Christopher Hitchens

    Christopher Hitchens said something on Bill Maher's Real Time last night long the lines of:

    "If marriage is legal for gays and lesbians there are sure to be a lot of families which are spared the tragedy of a spouse coming out during the marriage as those who felt they had no choice but to stay closeted find they have other options."

    To which I can certainly sympathize.

    Amity Buxton of Straight Spouses Support Network says, in response, "That thought is exactly the thesis that many married or once married hetero spouses express.  Hurtful for the gay/bi/lesbian/trans spouse and his or her mate. Everyone is hurt...The message that I think needs to come through in relation to same-sex unions and gay parenting is that there are a number of glb persons who have and can develop caring, mutually supportive, spiritually nurturing relationships and act as responsible parents, creating healthy family environments for their children...Someone once said that straight spouses, current and former, can be the most credible witnesses for the cause."

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    August 02, 2003

    I Was A Social Outcast

    Growing up I was a social outcast. My daughter is not. I'm so glad for her.

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    August 01, 2003

    Soulfull Objects in Good Form

    What a well designed interface. If these notebooks are as pleasing and well designed as the web site I'd certainly be a customer.

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    The Chosen Cock

    Ru is a drag queen suicide bomber.

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    Theme Song

    I need one of these.

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