August 05, 2003

Medical Ethics Question

I run a listserv with about 500 folks on it. I have recently discovered that one of the members, a medical doctor associated with NAMI, seem to be using the board for the purpose of garnering customers for his therapy business. I have no proof of this yet but all signs point to this being the case.

He recently approached me and asked a few questions about my personal life to which I responded. No big deal. He apparently felt as though my responses were not honest enough and he pushed, to the point of insult, for me to be more honest with him. I responded with some annoyance to which he began attacking me verbally for my apparent disregard for his long years of service and expertise.

I don't personally care about any of this. The guy is obviously a troll. However now i am faced with what to do about him on the list. I can of course simply remove him. If he is a troll with time on his hands this of course will do no good as he'll simply resub under another identity.

I have approached the state to learn more about the laws under which a physician operates when involved online. It looks like I need very concrete proof of this guys behavior to justify an inquiry.

Oh bother. I'm inclined to just post some of his comments attached to his name and let his colleagues sort him out.

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