August 03, 2003

Gay Marriage & Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens said something on Bill Maher's Real Time last night long the lines of:

"If marriage is legal for gays and lesbians there are sure to be a lot of families which are spared the tragedy of a spouse coming out during the marriage as those who felt they had no choice but to stay closeted find they have other options."

To which I can certainly sympathize.

Amity Buxton of Straight Spouses Support Network says, in response, "That thought is exactly the thesis that many married or once married hetero spouses express.  Hurtful for the gay/bi/lesbian/trans spouse and his or her mate. Everyone is hurt...The message that I think needs to come through in relation to same-sex unions and gay parenting is that there are a number of glb persons who have and can develop caring, mutually supportive, spiritually nurturing relationships and act as responsible parents, creating healthy family environments for their children...Someone once said that straight spouses, current and former, can be the most credible witnesses for the cause."

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