August 18, 2003

Lots of New Developments

Okay after several attempts to get a blog started for my business we are finally out of the blocks. The condomBlog is going to be an attempt to build a sort of k-log for Condomania. We are after all the leading authority in everything condom worldwide. When the United Nations needs help to find the proper condoms for pygmies who do they turn to? Why Condomania of course. And when the CDC is training their staff on condom usage who do they turn to? Why Condomania of course. (I could go on all day like this) Anyway we have all of this knowledge built up in our staff and are finally going to be sharing some of that with our customers (and hopefully soon our readers as well) So if you want learn about the condom business, read about our adventures in the sex industry, and have some fun in the process check out our new condomBlog. Which will soon be migrating to its own domain.

Now for the most exciting news. Condomania launched on Friday the first custom sized condoms in the world: They-Fit condoms. You can expect to learn lots about this in the press over the next few months. Up until today the notion of condoms being anything other than one size fits all has essentially been standard operating procedure for both the manufacture and marketing of condoms. Well no more!!!

I'm going to have lots of stuff to write about this development over the next few weeks. I am currently interviewing the engineer behind all of this and should have that posted sometime soon. I am also developing some nifty tools to help me get to the bottom of this whole penis size issue. Whoo whoo! Stay tuned.

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