December 21, 2002

Abstinence Succeeds in Africa Despite Condom Lobby

We are told ad nauseam by the Condom Lobby that people, especially youngsters, cannot possibly control themselves when it comes to their sexual appetites, even in the face of AIDS infection and death. We are also told that condoms are the panacea for this dread disease. The Condom Lobby is loath to speak about sexual abstinence and marital fidelity.

What a bunch of hoooey! I am a professional in the condom lobby and I have never said these things. I know of not one person I deal with either professionally or personally who holds these views. I write & talk about sexual abstinence & marital fidelity almost every day. I am fully aware that anyone and everyone is able to control all their appetites, sexual and otherwise, on a regular basis, Noone ever uses the words panacea, AIDS, and condoms in the same sentence except ignorant boobs like Austin Ruse.

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