September 11, 2003

'Living Condom' Could Block HIV

New Scientist reports on recent developments in microbiocides and other attempts at creating "chemical condoms." I suspect that the time horizon for such tools is farther off than anyone can imagine at this point. Even if the idea of creating genetically modified vaginal flora cuts it in the marketplace as a concept I have serious doubts that such a thing can work in reality, at least for the foreseeable future.

Granted it would be a nice thing to have a contingent of gentically modified vaginal flora with the sole purpose of taking out the HIV virus but the reality is that any chemical or florae prophylactic will have to deal with a whole host of buggers which may have the opportunity to take up residence in the vagina. HIV is, after all, only one of many STIs loosed in the wilds of our boudoirs.

[Thanks Screwdriver]

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